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Effective exercises for breast firming and tightening

Effective exercises for breast firming and tightening Let the man in the face saying that they are interested in "rich inner life", "outlook" and "deep philosophical thoughts," but women are well aware that not least they pay attention to this part of the body, like a woman's breast.

She had become the object of desire of men for her compose poetry and songs, it is a fantasy for many. why Hooters deserves to over it carefully worked ... in the gym, of course, well, or, in extreme cases, at home.

If ever you are interested in this topic, you should be aware that breast glandular tissue is not a muscle, so the "pump up" the chest impossible."Lift" sagging breasts can only using muscles that are next to it - in the upper part of the chest, in the middle part, lower or inner.For a harmonious appearance, which we seek must be uniformly load all sections.

to study chest muscles are the same rules as for the rest of the body.First of all, you must make a minimum warm-up and warm up your muscles.What kind of workout you like, and thus engaged, fit and running

, and jumping rope, and just swings his arms, if absolutely no time.

exercises for the muscles of the chest

To exercise may need weights.This may be the standard dumbbell, and if not, suitable plastic bottles with water or sand.Any weighting will make training more efficient and would lead to results in less time.

way, exercises for the chest are simple and no nothing new came up, and it is not necessary, because there are a few basic exercises that when done correctly, consistently give positive results.

Exercise 1: breeding hands

One such exercise - raising hands.It is performed lying on your back in the hands holding weights.Starting position - arms extended in front of you, elbows slightly bent.On the exhale, spreads his arms up until your elbows touch the floor.Rush in this exercise is not necessary, the slower it runs, the greater will be the load.On the exhale, return your hands to the starting position.

Exercise 2: push-

One of the most banal and known to all exercise - push-ups.Because of its prevalence and "hackneyed" it becomes less efficient and, despite the fact that many do not like to carry it out, it is worth your time to it.

way, even push-ups, and are known to everyone, but not everyone knows how to perform this exercise, rather, as a variation of this exercise are to the muscles.Since the distance between the hands, the provisions of these same hands that depends on which muscles are involved in the performance.

To push brought maximum benefit, control your body - when lowered, the body should form a straight line, wrists, and hands should be directly below the shoulder joints, palm facing your fingers straight ahead, elbows, when bent, should be directed to the sides.

Exercise 3: squeezing hands in front of him

very simple exercise for firming the breast area - squeezing hands in front of him.It is necessary to connect the palm as in prayer, the elbows should be out to the sides and form a straight line with the wrist.

Now you need to firmly compress the palm.Modifications greatly complicates this exercise is to turn the serried palms forward.This exercise is very easy to do at home, even when watching TV breasts can be toned.

Activity 4: writing up laps

Another "home" exercise - writing up laps.Direct hands divorced in hand, and they need to quickly describe circles, an important condition - arms stretched as if something prevents hands to make a full range of motion.

If you wish to make the breasts firmer and pull up her exercise alone may not be enough.A good solution is to use all of the complex effects of this zone - cold douche, special creams, coupled with regular exercise will inevitably lead you to the desired result.

Author: DimSanych

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