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Diagnosis of mental health

Diagnosis of mental health Normal life in the modern metropolis affects the human psyche, and often the load becomes a burden for him.City acts upon us from childhood.In his terms not everyone can maintain mental health.Emotional overload, information overload, and the rapidly changing pace of life lead to a nervous breakdown.Diagnosis of mental health makes it possible to help a person in a timely manner, teetering on the edge between normal and sociopathy.

Mental health: what it is

Psychological health - it's peace of mind when a person gets along with himself and with the world around him.Sometimes there is a failure, sometimes invisible to the man himself, and inner harmony is lost.

Let's look at the reaction of a healthy individual and prone to mental problems in the same situation.

1. internal variability

human ability to easily use their emotional resources in the transition from one activity to another.It gives a chance to adapt more quickly to the outside world and keeps mental health.

lack of internal capac

ity to change, adapt, can cause disease.

2. External variability

ability when a person can adequately take and problems, and positive changes in the immediate environment, better preserves sanity.

Light vulnerability and emotional instability will create problems for the mental state of a person.

3. Stressoustojchivost

ability to deal with the hardships and privations, the ability to overcome them, will be the basis for the preservation of mental health in times of difficulty and hardship.

Health diagnostics

self-doubt and an inability to withstand stress lead to psychological problems.

How to diagnose problems with the psychological health

Diagnosis of Mental Health consists of an experienced doctor conversational techniques to identify explicit and erased the problems in the human psyche.Highlights, which will draw the attention specialist:

1. Adequacy of psychological reactions to life's ordinary nuances

This is the reaction of the patient to standard situations that arise in life.If the usual stressful situation causes the patient to a state of overexcitement with the development of psychosis, we can confidently talk about the problems with mental health.The same will happen if the people of the stress rapidly sinking into a depression.

2. The ability to monitor the behavior of society, obeying its laws

human behavior in society determines its psychological health.The inability or unwillingness to accept the universal moral law points to the latent pathology in the psyche and can cause problems for many people.

3. A critical attitude to himself and to society

When a person hears only himself can not keep track of them and their desires, you must very carefully deal with his mental health.Sometimes it is very difficult to change something, when there is a loss of criticism towards themselves and their place in society.

in dealing with human personality is no detail and random events.Diagnosis of mental health, based on close cooperation and mutual understanding of the doctor and the patient, allows mental health and a normal existence in society.

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