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Video exercises to tighten the buttocks

Video exercises for losing weight and lift the buttocks

Whatever you say, and the female ass at all times been the object of attention from men.Therefore, buttocks tightened - the dream of all of the fair sex.To achieve this chic form of juicy parts of the body have to work a little, using special exercises.

most effective exercises to lift buttocks

First you need to figure out what exercises from the variety of different systems for weight loss and tightening muscles are the most effective in the formation of a charming ass.

first place rightfully occupied squats.There are plenty of options for their implementation.

In second place a little less frequently used, but no less useful kicks from the "knees - elbows»

very effective to tighten the gluteal muscles attacks legs back and forth.They are often performed with dumbbells or any other weighting in the hands.

The list can still add kicks in different directions from standing position, various bridges, as well as walking up the stairs and running.

In any case, there is no such thing as the m

ost effective exercise for all occasions.To reach the desired result faster possible, using sets of exercises.

set of exercises for the buttocks: Video

So you've decided to work on the attractiveness of its ass.To begin with the definition of systems aimed at losing weight or tightening the buttocks.A set of exercises typically by choosing from the list of the most effective.

give an example of a good set of elastic to form attractive buttocks.

Squats with dumbbells

Straighten your back and place your feet wider than shoulder width and toes expand in different directions.Take weighting.This can be a regular dumbbell or a water bottle.Hold it with both hands in front of him.

to Squat until thighs are parallel floor.Back at the same time try to keep straight.Sat down, lingered a few seconds in this position, then return to the starting position.After a few repetitions you will feel how the muscles of the priests.

Lunges back
Video exercises for losing weight and lift the buttocks

exercise is performed with the back straight and feet apart at shoulder width.Hands put on the belt, not to make them unnecessary movements.

Take a step back left foot, put it on the sock.Now bend your right knee to get an angle of about 900. Keep the left leg as far as possible, it was straight and the foot is raised.Fix for a few seconds in this position, then return to the original.Now please repeat to the other side.

This exercise trains the muscles not only the gluteus, but also the front of the thigh.

Mahi back of the knee - elbow position
Video exercises for losing weight and lift the buttocks

Get on your knees and get down to the elbows.From this position, turn lift up his legs bent at the knees.

You can perform this exercise, making Mahi straight legs.If uncomfortable to stand on his elbows, then rest against the floor with his hands.


Lie on your back and place your hands along the body.Starting position is simple: legs slightly bent at the knees, and the feet are parallel to each other.Now, lift the hips up as high as possible.Linger a little bit in this position.Then lower yourself to the floor, slowly putting back, vertebra by vertebra, as a string of pearls - bead for bead.This is a very useful exercise for the glutes, hips and back.

As you can see, the implementation of such a complex did not take much of your time.With regular classes will result very quickly, and you'll catch yourself admiring glances of men.

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