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Breathing exercises Marina Korpan weight loss: exercise videos, reviews

said that slim body - is the result of a heavy robots, diets, Exercise and much more, but Marina Korpan says the opposite - to be just ... breathe properly!Is not it a tempting offer - to lose weight from the fact that you breathe?And it also helps!

The effectiveness of breathing exercises for weight loss Marina checked on personal experience - as well as many of the "authors" of such systems.Suffering from weight problems, Korpan decided to explore the proper breathing techniques that have been used a hundred, or even more years ago - in particular, the system is quite well-known Greer Childers, who was the author of a book about losing weight "15 minutes."Breathing technique proved to be very effective and it is itself claims dropped to 25 pounds, just to breathe for 20-30 minutes a day.Now Marina is the coach in such "breathing" areas as "Body flex" and "oksisayz."

Breathing exercises for weight loss: exercise videos

Breathing exercises for belly slimming system Marina Korpan is both relativ

ely simple and complicated, because proper breathing, as it turns out, is also a matter of technology.But this technique soon accumulated, one has only to start regularly and follow the instructions.Correct the "mechanism" of respiration is based on the fact that the inhaled air should flow to all parts of the body, and even those that are occupied by fat cells, and exhale CO2 with the strength you need, "pushing" it.Alas, the deposits did not "go away" on their own, if nothing is done, so the breathing technique rests on the burning of fats and reducing the volume of the buoyancy and the drawn-in air.

course, correct to begin to engage with the coach that he clearly and correctly explained not only the equipment but also the ins and outs, as well as display the results obtained from each exercise.But in the absence of such a possibility, suitable and video tutorials, or as stand-alone training and experiments.Basic exercises system Korpan Marina can be found in this video:

Marina recommends starting with a morning workout, gradually adding more and evening, but the morning - an important and effective!Sport should always be an empty stomach, but allowed to drink a glass of plain water, juice or iced tea.The main provision of training - standing straight, with his hand on his stomach.The cycle of simple breathing exercises are only 4 exercises that need to be repeated in a circle for 20 minutes every morning:

1. Take a slow breath in the nose, followed by just exhale slowly, but his mouth.Inhaling and exhaling should be deeply and slowly.We must try, that worked great in breathing stomach than the chest, that is, it has been involved diaphragmatic breathing, as it ensures full oxygenation of the whole body, not just the lungs.Accordingly, the inspiratory belly pulled closer to the rear wall, and on the exhale - is almost completely relaxed, a little "bulging" forward.Repeat this type of slow breathing three times, and proceed to the second exercise.

2. As in the first option, make a slow breath through your nose, and in the end to make a sharp two-inhalation (also a nose, that is, how to get three breaths), then do the same thing, but on the exhale(through the nose): a long breath, and in the end - two pre-expiration.Do not forget to breathe recommended "belly."Repeat three times.

3. You can catch your breath and take three ordinary breaths nose and exhale through your mouth.It is advisable to monitor the diaphragm to get used to the tendencies of workout.

4. Keeping a calm and measured pace, to breathe in the nose and one to-breath, and then breathe out your mouth with one pre-expiration.The same should be repeated in three laps.

All of the exercises, as has been said, it is necessary to alternate, making three times each and closely monitor the diaphragm.The result is a stunning promise - almost minus 10 cm waist in just two weeks of regular breathing exercises.

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