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Video exercises to increase bust

Video exercises to increase bust

Female breast - a body composed of mammary glands and fat.That is, there is absolutely no muscles.This means that changes directly affect the size and shape of the bust impossible.To increase the breast or to give it elasticity, you need to choose exercises that affect the pectoralis major muscle.

If you decide to increase the bust by exercise, prepare to work hard.Engage in regular need.Otherwise, you will not live to see any effect.

Video: set of exercises for breast enlargement

Heat the muscles before starting the main workout.As a warm-up suit and mahi rotation arms in different directions.You can jump rope a couple of minutes.

warmed, warmed up - proceed with the implementation of a set of core exercises.

Pushups Pushups can rightly be called the most effective way to impact on the pectoral muscles.They come in several forms:
• Push-ups from the wall;
• Push-ups from the floor with the knees;
• Push-ups from the floor of the stop lying;
• Push-ups from the stop lying when hands o

r feet are on the suit at elevation (on the bench or on the sofa, for example).

Choose a suitable option, depending on your physical fitness.
Video exercises to increase bust

important when performing push-ups to put his hands slightly wider than shoulder width.So you can better affect the chest muscle.

dilutions hand from a prone position

After pushups you can relax a bit.To do this, lie on your back and relax.Do not forget to take on a dumbbell in each hand.The weighting agent can be taken as a water bottle or book.Lift the elbows slightly bent arms up in front of him.Spread them apart until the elbows touch the floor and returned upstairs.

Exercise "Pull - Over»

with distributing finished.We remain on the floor to rest on.Raise your arms in front of him again.Grab a dumbbell with both hands.If uncomfortable - one can be postponed.Lower the dumbbells to the floor, setting the stage hands behind his head.This exercise can be performed simply as lying on the floor and lying on a gymnastic ball - fitball: then because of the additional load, it will be several times more effective.
Video exercises to increase bust

Raising hands in front of him

Stand with a dumbbell in the position of "feet shoulder width apart."Lift arms alternately in front of him so that they are parallel to the floor.Keep the shoulders in line and the back line.The eyes are looking forward.

Exercise "Ladoshki»

Put dumbbells.In a standing position, connect the front of the palm and elbows apart.Now firmly push the palms against each other.

This exercise is done as the intensity and delay every effort for a few seconds.Alternatively, the arms can be moved up - down along the vertical axis of the body.


Take back the hands of weighting.We shall represent the skier running.To do this, just bend your knees, back and leaned forward.Hands, bent at the elbows, keep the sides.Now, the motion made by hands, as if you are repelled ski poles.You can do this exercise first with both hands simultaneously, and then turn setting the stage hands behind his back.

Once you have given the burden on the chest muscles, they need to relax a little.Shake hands, pull them upward and outward.

If you follow the complex you feel the tension of the pectoral muscles, so the exercises are performed correctly.In these sessions will be noticeable positive a month later - and it will be able to evaluate not just you.

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