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Fitness Yoga The fitness yoga different from other yoga styles?Any teacher of hatha yoga tell you that the ancient teachings of this training is a very indirect relationship.Fitness yoga is to engage those who are not committed to spiritual heights, but just wants to strengthen the muscles pump up the thigh, press, buttocks, arms and back, to reduce weight and improve stretch. Often this type of employment - the best that we can advise the newcomer.Most fitness trainers is concentrated on working with the body and problem areas, and even in this format is much easier to learn the basic yoga asanas.

Fitness Yoga for Beginners

you can train at home under the special video program or practice in the club.But teach fitness yoga often say that the best beginner exercise instructor.Typically, errors and incorrect posture during exercise is best seen from the side.The coach can literally hand to build the correct position of the body, and after you have mastered the basics, you can transfer the training back home.

But if you are not able to go to a club or yoga studio, you can still learn.Purchase a video program and a book describing the basic asanas.Today, for beginners can be found original comics with a brief description of the item and clear pictures.Before you develop a particular asana, carefully read the description and be sure to watch the entire video before you start training.

Fitness Yoga: Exercise

Mini complex: fitness yoga for press

Workout: Pose wood and Pose onion
Stand with your feet parallel, arms pull up, trying not to cause the shoulders to the ears.Connect the palm above the head and lower arms to her chest.Foot left foot to put the right knee, left knee move aside.Pull belly - or in an unstable position, you will not last long.Stay in the pose of a tree for 6 long breaths, and then repeat in the opposite direction.

again stand up straight, and bring your hands up, but now tilted to the left, stretching his arms out of the pelvis to the left.Legs as still as possible, feel the job at the waist, pulling 5-6 breaths (inhale-exhale), repeat to the other side.

Exercises main part
Pose Sit on the floor on the buttocks, tilt housing straight back at an angle of about 45 degrees.Then tear off the floor as much as possible straight legs.Beginners can bend their knees to keep stability.Stretch your arms forward along the body, tighten the stomach inside, but do not forget to breathe.Secure the position for 3-5 breaths, repeat 4-6 times.

Cobra Pose
Roll over on your stomach, palms facing the chest.Power back and abdominal muscles, lifting the body off the floor until the middle of the waist.Beginners can push off a little hands.Survive in a pose of 3-5 breaths and repeat it 2 times.

Pose Trims
Take the emphasis lying down for push-ups, and slowly fall on the forearm.Pull the belly, stabilize the lower back, bring the blades to the spine and stand in this position 4-5 breaths.Repeat 3-4 times.Complete exercise
minute relaxing holiday on the back.

Mini complex thighs
Do warm-up from the previous set, but in the lean forward, touch the floor with your fingers and straighten your legs.Pulling from the pelvis down and fix this posture 5 breaths.Stretching the hamstring is important to warm up the legs.

main part
Posture chair
of straight stand with feet parallel to bend your knees and lower yourself into a squat.Hands pull over his head, the stomach does not relax, buttocks drag back as if trying to sit on a low chair.Hold for 3-5 cycles, and repeat 4-6 times.

Warrior Pose 1
Take a lunge position, feet on the width of the pelvis, legs are spaced apart by about 1 meter.Try to go down as low as possible, virtually putting a knee to the floor.The back is straight, the main task - to pull out of the pelvic bones.Hold for 3-5 cycles, repeat 4-6 times with each leg.

Shoulder Bridge
Lie on your back for twisting the press.Vertebra by vertebra, lifting the spine off the floor, tighten and tighten the buttocks, stand fixing posture and straining buttocks and hamstring for 3 to 5 breaths.Repeat 4-6 times.

the end calmly lie down on a smooth surface of the floor for 3-4 minutes, relaxing the muscles of the body.These exercises can be performed in the morning, instead of the traditional charging.They do not take a lot of time and allow you to get used to regular training.After a couple of months you'll be ready for a full hour gym yoga in the club or at home, complement these exercises a regular walking, swimming or dancing, if you want to lose weight.

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