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Video hoop exercise for weight loss

Video hoop exercise for weight loss

Among the variety of fitness equipment hoop is perhaps one of the most interesting.It is very useful not only in the formation of a thin waist, but in general to strengthen the muscles of the body and give them a tone.Too many women in the fight against excess weight is given preference exercises with a hoop.

Ever since childhood, familiar to us ordinary hoop - hollow aluminum tube, bent into a ring.He had too little weight, and many were filled with sand.Today on the shelves of sporting goods stores have a variety of modifications and hoops made of different materials.Even the title appeared overseas - "Hula Hoop."Depending on your preferences, you can choose a classic iron hoop, plastic wrap with or without spines, and many other species.

At first glance, it seems that, in addition to a simple rotation around the waist, no action can be done with a hoop.This is a misconception.In fact there are a lot of exercises with a hoop for weight loss.You can even develop a package of working with this tr

ainer - or learn for yourself some basic exercises with a hoop for weight loss in this video:

Simple rotation

If you decide to twist the hoop, then you can start with simplerotations.For this we need to find space in the apartment to make sure we are not anything to break, put your feet shoulder width apart and put on a simulator at the waist.

Spin the hoop can be both clockwise and counterclockwise.First, given the slow pace of rotations, which is a small warm-up before the main load.Five minutes later, you can add speed.Alternatively, you can alternate between fast and slow.

«Feet together»

Then, without stopping the rotational motion, put feet together.You immediately feel the tension in the muscles of the buttocks and thighs.If you're good at this option, try to complicate the task - put your hands up, or spread them apart.Rotation in that position the body load to almost all muscle groups.

When you feel tired, take a starting position - lower your arms and your feet shoulder-width apart.Let your body relax a little.

Video hoop exercise for weight loss

Once rested, you can try the steps in place.Turn the treadmill, lift the legs alternately as if going up the stairs.If this option would be difficult, simply lift the straight leg forward.Please make slow steps.When you feel confident, you can increase the tempo.

If space permits, you can walk in different directions.Take a couple of steps to start back and forth.Wrap is not lost?Sound like ladders, steps to the left - right.

Video hoop exercise for weight loss

Provided that the room you have selected for training, there are many expensive and fragile items, and places to walk to the hoop a little better to refrain from experiments.

Replace treadmill walking with a less spectacular but no less effective turns of the body.Movement is smooth, so as not to lose the round.Complicate the exercise, lifting his hands up and spread them apart.

One of the advantages of using the hoop for weight loss is an opportunity to engage with him for quite some time without much fatigue.After all, a pleasure to watch a favorite movie or listen to good music and beautiful at the same time acquire the tightened figure.

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