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What are the benefits and harms of step aerobics

Any physical activity related to fitness or aerobic exercise, it is always a plus for your health.With this, no one will argue.But there is a category of people who even simple exercises to the music still contraindicated.Therefore, choosing one or the other exercise, it is necessary to properly assess their health.

For example, the most simple exercise related to the rhythmic dancing in one place, called step aerobics.What it is?It is a kind of classical aerobics, the exercises which are held on a special pedestal, made in the form of a platform.The height of this device is varied in the range of 15-30 cm. The higher the pedestal, the higher the load on the body.So advice for those who are just entering the step aerobics - choose a platform with a small height.In fact, all movements are made on the basis of what is necessary to climb on a pedestal and descend with him.These exercises are accompanied by dance elements can complicate them using a dumbbell, ball, gum and other sports equipment.

But many beginners are concerned about - the benefits of aerobics wholly or have this complex and disadvantages?Such rhythmic movements to the music affects all muscles, especially in the lower body (legs, hips, thighs).During ongoing exercise, all systems working life of the organism under stress, so chronic diseases can become an obstacle for doing step aerobics.

So, what is the usefulness of aerobic (fitness).

Positive aspects

  1. During ongoing exercise athlete receives the load on the cardiovascular system.If classes are held regularly, the heart muscle increases in volume increases and ejection of blood with a single blow of the body, sealed capillaries, which has beneficial effects on the entire system, pulse becomes smooth, especially at rest.And, as a consequence, lower blood pressure to normal.
  2. is an increase in supply of tissues with oxygen, nutrients well received.Recent activity affects the tissue between the joints, which quickly restored.The level of hemoglobin and red blood cells is increased, and therefore, increases blood volume.
  3. Using simple exercises without heavy loads, the step aerobics is recommended to those who happened to injuries of the knee.The joint fluid is released more actively in the process of repeated bending and straightening the knee.But it is important not to overdo it.
  4. metabolism.I would particularly like to note the allocation of a large amount of the hormone calcitonin, which is responsible for the absorption of calcium.
  5. Like any exercise, step aerobics exercise reduces the layer of fat, keep muscle tone, increased resistance to muscle fatigue.
  6. improves blood circulation of the lungs, their volume increases.It

several criteria that are categorized as "step aerobics benefits."

negative side

  1. Harm from step aerobics is necessary if overtrain.Remember - any excessive loads will inhibit the body as a whole and its parts separately.As a consequence, insomnia, fatigue, unwillingness to do something, loss of appetite and so on.Therefore, professionals recommend - if you feel tired, it is better to take a break.You can cut classes or make them every day.
  2. Aerobics - it's still a sport, so injuries can not be avoided even here.Bruises, sprains, strains and bruises - this is a consequence of your negligence.Professionals advise to put a stop to the whole plane, or on the toe or the heel.Necessarily it is necessary that it is firmly stand on the platform, we can not allow, for example, hung a sock.Keep an eye on the movements of the coach.If there was fatigue, reduce the pace, proceed to step.
  3. Many newcomers have pains in the joints of the feet.The main reason - it's wrong-chosen footwear.Ideal - shoes with thick soles.Remember, blows on the platform during the exercise very vigorously, so that damage to the leg will not be easy.If you are in sneakers or ballet flats, then at the first lesson you will feel the pain in the joints.And if you continue training in these shoes, the pain will move slowly in the knees and spine.

As you can see from step aerobics is not only good, but also harm.Therefore, stick to our advice that will help you avoid trouble.

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