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How to remove fat from the sides to the man

How to remove fat from the sides to the man: exercise videos

very small percentage of people are not confronted with the problem of excess fat in different areas of the body.And if women are always, without hiding their feelings, seeking to lose weight, men tend to be in no hurry to dwell on such desires.But even if the representative of the strong half of humanity does not speak about it, everyone wants to get a beautiful body. This desire can be explained by the desire to enjoy even the ordinary, because women are very attracted by a strong male torso.How to get rid of the fat man?To obtain visible results, you should not rely on "effective" wonder drug, which is easy to decide whether, as a man to burn fat and remove it literally like a hand.We need to collect will in a fist and start to deal with them.

The first step is to learn one thing: there is no difference in the general rules on how to burn fat man or woman.How to effectively get rid of fat?The man is extremely necessary to forget about lying on the couch, buns, most alcoholic beverages and five s

poons of sugar in tea.Proper nutrition - again, a healthy lifestyle - two, and regular exercise - three.Just following these rules, you can really achieve great results and, most importantly, do not return to the place then dumped kgs and problem areas.Of course, special attention should be paid to training, since they contribute not only burn fat, but also the design of the circuit pattern of muscles that look so attractive.

fat on the sides of men burned quite easily and quickly due to the fact that the body does not need to replenish fat reserves and they gladly throw - just start to engage.Of course, the best training - training under the supervision of a professional trainer, at least the first few times to sort out the correctness of the exercises and then be able to repeat their own home.Although the practice proves that independent work at home requires a simply stunning willpower or habit, so not everyone can do it.

most effective exercises that are sure to advise to do the coach to remove fat from the sides, you will find in this video:


How to remove fat from the sides to the man: exercise videos

is considered one of the most common and effective exercises for the press.It was with him and started fighting the problem area on the sides and belly.As a rule, twisting a man occupies a position lying down, bend the legs at the knees and holds hands on his head.It is important that the elbows "looked" exactly at hand, and the chin - just the ceiling.Then you need to raise the body as high as possible by controlling breathing and your elbows.On twisting to do breath and do not stay completely in the back during inhalation.

Twisting on fitball

Similar twisting can be done on fitball - special gym ball.Based loin on the ball, you need to rise up in spurts.Make these lifts can be an infinite number of times, but all the results will be felt only in the morning, so you need to be careful to not overdo it.

lateral confinement

These exercises have a positive effect on the side of the press, and the sides in general.It should lie flat on the side and leaning the body a little bit up, stay in this position.The main thing - do not forget about breathing.

turns in different directions

Another category of exercises that will help to effectively burn fat man.For starters, you can make turns without cargo, but later is better to take bodibar, and even later - the neck of the post.It is a good substitute is often missing in the gym on a special simulator oblique abdominal muscles and hips.

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