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Winsor Pilates: video tutorial for weight loss

Winsor Pilates: video tutorials Winsor Pilates - exercises for weight loss and muscle tightening problem areas.Dynamic Pilates will also help get rid of back pain, improve posture, relieve tension from the muscles of the neck and get rid of headaches.Winsor Pilates - a good replacement power exercises for those who have contraindications to training with dumbbells in the gym. Video Tutorials help Pilates work out all the muscles of the body, speed up metabolism, consume excess calories.Dynamic Pilates well removes excess amounts.

occupy this video Pilates every other day to achieve results in just a couple of months.In the days off do cardio or rest.Combine exercise videos with a reasonable diet diet rich in protein and fiber, exercise in a well-ventilated area, on a comfortable mat for fitness.

Sitting on the floor with crossed legs straighten the spine, tighten abs and follow a few full breaths while raising and lowering the arms above the head.

«Mermaid with a turn»
Sit on the floor so that the shin of the left leg

parallel to the body turned out to be, and right tibia - shin perpendicular to the left leg.Both legs bent at the knees at a right angle.Lean left and stretch your right hand to the left, return to starting position and stretch the right leg, slightly twisting the axis of the spine.Perform any movement as shown on the video, or at least 10 repetitions in each direction.

Pose pigeon
Change position so that the front was the left leg bent at the knee.Straighten your right leg straight back, sit as deep as you can, drag the pelvic bones to the floor while tilting the body forward.Repeat with right leg.

Roll down and push foot
From poses sitting on the floor on the buttocks, slowly sank to the floor.Try to pull the stomach and stretch the press so that all the vertebrae in turn touched the floor.Once the thoracic spine and neck will be on the floor, pull the right foot forward, trying not to tear off the lower back on the floor, fully straighten the knee, then return to starting position and repeat with the other leg.If you are without a video feed, do at least 4 times with each leg.

«Table and hundreds»
Bring shin parallel to the floor, bend your knees.Cut the press, tear off the chest off the floor, arms parallel to each other, directly above the floor.Follow springy "hits" arms while straightening your knees and giving them an angle of 45 degrees to the floor, and returning back.This one movement - the pulsation of the hands and feet of abduction-adduction.Do not relax the press during the exercise.At the end, do some lead feet, moving his hands behind his head and stop the "ripple".

Follow supine vertical "scissors", but at the same time pull the body to the leg, which is moving "up".

Leg raises
Roll onto your right side, put his right hand on his forearm, feet slightly forward, print, bending the hip joint.Pulling up the press, lift your left leg up and to the side, lower it to the right and now lift both legs up and to the side together.Lower.Repeat on the other side.

Dynamic "T-Pose»
Based on the straight arm and both feet leave the side bar, stretch the left arm above his head, stretching the left side, return to the original position, follow all ghosts left and right.

Lie on your stomach, rapidly tear off the upper body off the floor, dilute the arms to the sides and mixing blades to the spine.You can simulate the movement of the swimmer's hands.

«Back Russian Twist»
Sit on the floor on the buttocks, lift your feet off the floor, bring the thigh to the body.Pull the belly, cut the press and twist your knees from side to side.After finishing repeated "right-left", straighten your legs up, straightening the knee.

term "Winsor Pilates» (Winsor Pilates) refers to any dynamic bunch of exercises the system.Classic Pilates «on the floor" does not imply a good pace and is more focused on the correction of the muscles and joints, rather than fat burning.Winsor same - exercise to burn fat and lose weight.

offers to your attention a video filmed American coach Dennis Austin, and is subject to the canons of Winsor Pilates.These exercises allow you to "kill two birds with one stone" - to increase the consumption of calories and work out all the problem areas.Use this video tutorial Pilates as available analogue morning exercise or perform strength training exercises instead.

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