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Video exercises for slimming thighs

Video exercises for slimming thighs

If there is a mystique, it is clearly displayed on the women trying to lose weight.The girls do not eat anything, exhausting himself unconscious in training, rub a lot of creams with strange names, hoping that all of this complex will help.And the main problem for the 90% of these girls - foot - namely the hip. first thing you hear fitness trainer from beginners - "I have fat legs, I want to reduce them!".Of course, the desire of praise and even correct, that's only worth even convince themselves regularly in order to achieve a good purpose.

The decrease in the volume of the thighs - a difficult task that requires a pretty serious effort, as the "rock" will not "some abstract legs," and all of the thigh: internal, external and back of the thigh.Exercises on each side you can find a lot, but mostly, they are all alike.It is necessary to note that far on some training you will not leave, so care should be taken also for all the products that are used in the food, plus the receipt of all necessary vit

amins, so as not to create unnecessary stress the body.Stresses that nutrition-related - the most dangerous, because the body rapidly begins stocking fats (these sins every woman's body) and their daunting burn.

Video: exercises for inner thigh

inner thighs - this is probably the most problematic area.Especially all defects are visible when walking, when all this "jelly-like" weight makes itself felt.To remove the fat is from this area and pump up muscles, you need to dedicate 20 minutes daily workout on the legs.The best exercises for weight loss legs and thighs can be found in this video:


Elementary squats are a whole range of other exercises.To send directly impact on the internal muscles of the legs, you need to squat in a ballet position "plie".The legs are placed as far as possible, while the socks are deployed from each other, and set aside the pelvis back.Hands can be extended forward (or can lay his head, and for already experienced athletes are advised to bring extra weight).The main thing is to squat knees when not peered beyond the toe.We need to feel the pressure of the buttocks and squat to 90 degrees between the knee and hip.
Video exercises for slimming thighs

Lifting legs.

Lying on your side, you need to bend the top leg in front of you and lift the bottom of about 45 degrees upward.To complicate the task yourself, you can add up the lifting of the body, then to the slender legs and even added a nice press.
Video exercises for slimming thighs

Lead feet.

In the supine position is necessary to lift the legs up, fixing them in front of him.Then, very smooth movements begin to take foot in different directions, preferably at a time.Note the location of the socks - they always look "over."Such subtleties allow us not only to develop the inner thigh, but also to stretch it.

Video: exercise for hamstring

hamstring swings are also quite difficult, but it is possible for a person with ambition and desire to have a perfect figure.


So called squats at 90 degrees to the floor.The feet are placed shoulder-width apart, toes quite a bit diluted.The squat knees look in the same direction as the socks, but do not go beyond their level.This is achieved by maximizing the retraction of the pelvis backwards.If done correctly, it felt stretching hamstring.


For this exercise you need to lie on your back, bend the legs and slightly dilute and lower the arms or on the floor, or put on the stomach.From this position, you need to lift your pelvis up as much as possible.