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Fitness - a unique set of exercises that helps to keep your body in good shape, as well as to prepare your body for stress.What is surprising is that the professionals in this field for a long time have prepared several techniques used by people of different categories.Still, all begin with the preparation method, which is the first step towards perfection of the body.This so-called fitness lessons at home for weight loss.

What are these exercises?This is a traditional sport movements that are performed on any morning exercises.This includes sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups on the bar and others.Usually beginners are not recommended to immediately begin challenging elements of fitness, so they limit the use of dumbbells and horizontal bar.All other exercises held without sports equipment.

But as a newcomer in the house to do fitness, not knowing its elements?This question is asked by many today who want to begin to engage in strength training.The yield is very simple - you need to download videos from t

he internet "Fitness Lessons" or "Fitness classes at home."The benefit of all this is now available and also free of charge.

7 best video tutorials

What's offered by experts in fitness, which videos they recommend for different categories of beginners?On the Internet pages you will find a large number of different proposals, which differ from each other only in the complexity of employment.Basically they are all based on the same movements.

  1. Functional Training.It is a complex exercise, which uses only the movement with which the person faces every day.Hence his high popularity among all categories involved in fitness.What is surprising is that many of the movements that we use all the time (apartment cleaning, cooking, playing with children, etc.), must be confirmed by muscle strength, joint flexibility and the ability to hold coordination.
  2. Pilates.This complex is based on several components, which are present in different systems and fitness categories.Firstly, the movement is smooth.Secondly, proper breathing.Third, the concentration of all the senses.Fourth, focusing on the development of the abdominal muscles, which in this system is called "frame strength."
  3. Aerobics.Whatever you say, and this type of exercise used today so often that it becomes clear what kind of popular with women and some men.We must pay tribute, aerobics still feminine look, because it joined the dance moves to the classic physical activity.And if a lot of exercises from other systems emphasize strength, aerobics on the plasticity and gracefulness.It can be considered a real aerobic fitness lessons for beginners (the video can be downloaded for free on the Internet).
  4. Callanetics.This type is a symbiosis of yoga and static exercises that alternate banner.According to experts, it is the fat burning complex, hence its high popularity.Ongoing traffic affect all types of muscles: both small and large, and those that are close, and those which deeply.By the way, it is estimated that one hour of Callanetics replaces 24 hours of aerobics.
  5. Bodyflex.The basis of this type of fitness is proper breathing, combined with physical activity.Someone at first it may seem that it's too complicated.But to understand all the intricacies, you begin to understand how simple it is carefully chosen movement in combination with breathing.Today, a lot of coaches that offer video lessons that can be done at home.
  6. Tai-Bo.This is a young type of fitness that is based on the elements of martial arts.All exercises are performed to music at a vigorous pace, so the newcomers have not sweet (large load).
  7. fitball.This exercise with special balloons.Using them well aligned posture, develops flexibility of the body, it improves the coordination of movements.

Here are 7 species of today can offer to beginners.In order to begin to engage in, there is no need to run to the gym.It is necessary to download the video - "Fitness for Beginners in Pictures", where you learn more about how to perform certain movements.I wish you success in your endeavors.And below, we'll show you a video of the Pilates system.

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