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A set of exercises for weight loss belly: Video

A set of exercises for weight loss belly: Video tummy is the most problematic area in the woman's body.In fact, you probably noticed that as soon as the weight loss, then "falls" first person, and then grow thin legs and arms, but the belly fat on the sides and long stays in place and does not want to leave "their homes."And the question arises, how can you get rid of the stomach in a short time?Without exercise, of course, can not do.It is necessary to do special exercises for slimming the abdomen.I would like to offer you a simple complex.

Exercise 1

to get you started?For a start is better to do a little warm-up for which you want to sit on the floor to rest his feet into something stable and fixed.Next, you need to do side bends, as well as back and forth.Initially, it may seem that it is very difficult, but eventually you get used, and the effect which gives such a warm-up, just make you happy and to spur further studies.

Exercise 2

Once the muscles warmed up, you can proceed to the basic exercises.Excellent clean belly lifting legs

.Lying on the floor need to raise the legs to 90 degrees and knees without bending.Be careful not to top up the body.You can start the course 15 liftings, and every day to add 2-3.

Exercise 3

After this exercise you need to lie down straight, bending your elbows and place them behind your head, and in turn bring the right knee to the left elbow, and then vice versa, etc.Each position should be done at least 20 times to begin with, and then you can increase the amount raised, how many have the strength.

Exercise 4

little rest, you can proceed to the next exercise.For him to be just lying on the floor, but now need a little leg bent at the knees.Then you need to raise your pelvis as high as you can.At the highest point should stay and stand as 10 seconds, and then slowly lower back.Repeat the exercise 15 times is necessary, and subsequently also increase the number of rises.It should be noted that this exercise can kill several birds with one stone: not only tighten the abdomen, but also to strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

Exercise 5

Complete the following exercises can be complex: it is necessary to lie down straight and slightly bend the knees.It is important to make sure that your back and legs lay on one line.Arms should be bent and place around the neck.Very slowly, I need to raise the body to knees touched his chest, and then slowly lower back.Starting with the best five times at most.Once, when the muscles have become stronger, the number of approaches can be increased to 20.

Author: DimSanych

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