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Step aerobics

Step aerobics Today, gyms and fitness centers offer us all kinds of programs in order to maintain their body in shape.They range from security to aerobic.One of the most effective fitness tool was and is step aerobics.What is it and how to deal with it - in our article.


aerobics Step aerobics - is recognized worldwide effective system for fitness, which is hard to overestimate the benefits.Exercises degree trained primarily endurance, they are quite the duration and intensity.Because of this, it is increasing the consumption of oxygen in the body, which leads to the following positive effects:

  • increases the volume of blood and develops stamina.
  • increases lung capacity, which, as evidenced by several studies, can increase life expectancy.
  • strengthens the muscles of the heart.
  • reduces the amount of cholesterol that reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.
  • strengthens bones, ligaments and tendons.
  • increases resistance to stress.
  • increases efficiency.

Step aerobics can also help with weight loss, forcing

many women to engage in this type of fitness.But most effectively combine aerobics with proper diet, to balance food, drink plenty of fluids and to adhere to a healthy regime of sleep.

Step aerobics

Aerobics for beginners

beginners can give some advice about training.Step aerobics involves working with the steppe - a small platform.For starters, you need to learn how to get around the steppe.Distance from your socks to its edge should be equal to the length of your foot.If you come closer, you can catch the step with the toe while driving and lose your balance, if you stand on, will make uncomfortable steps.

steppe In the classroom, the coach he would indicate what the parties come to the steppes in those or other exercises, but the distance you need to learn to feel themselves.

In no case do not start movement on the step, her back to him.Step aerobics did not accept, because it can lead to a loss of coordination, and injury.Always all the movements are carried out by or sideways to the steppe, but not back.

Knees in the classroom should be a half-bent, soft (this is especially important for beginners in the steppes).The body slightly bent in the lower back and goes forward.Belly need to draw, but so that it would not hurt to breathe smoothly and calmly.Hands should be mobile, so before training exercise the joints well, step aerobics can be traumatic, without proper preparation.

Do not jump from the steppe.This can damage the foot, since it served unforeseen occupations load.

After the occupation will not prevent stretching.This disperse lactic acid in the muscles and will not experience a delayed onset muscle soreness the next day.

Here are simple tips to help you in the early stages of step aerobics classes.

Classes for step aerobics will help to stay in good shape

Sneakers for step aerobics

It is important to start training find the right shoes for tap dance.For step aerobics are not suitable either socks or Gym shoes or ballet flats.This soft shoes, not fixing foot.Also, there should be no platforms and heels, it's not a class in ballroom dancing.The only shoes allowed in the classroom?This sneakers.No sneakers, shoes and moccasins for the streets will not replace the shoes.They must be of high quality and specifically designed for aerobics.

Sole - from 1 to 2.5 centimeters on his heel and toes should have good shock absorption, such sole will assume part of the load with the impact of the foot on the floor or step, or in the role of shock absorber will be the backbone that reflected badly on his condition.On the heels of shoes have to be a metal insert, and socks should be a good bend.Trainers must be well fixed stop and be breathable.Look at the photos involved step aerobics and understand what the correct shoes.

following these simple tips, you will be able to derive maximum benefit and positive emotions of your classes.

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