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Exercises with dumbbells for women

Home exercises with dumbbells for women: Video

So you've decided to give my body a beautiful, resilient relief.The fitness - clubs do not have time to go, and the house is purchased on the occasion of a couple of cute dumbbells.Or are you just going to buy them, that's fine too.If so, then you will definitely come in handy set of home exercises with dumbbells for women.

adjusts to a sports way, turn the cheerful music, take up the dumbbell ... and set it aside.To begin to warm up: shook his head, waved his arms, jump on the spot.In general, do any intense light exercise to warm up your muscles.Warmed up?Now again take up the dumbbells.

most effective exercises with dumbbells

curls in front of
Home exercises with dumbbells for women: Video

Starting position: Stand up straight, back straight, feet shoulder width apart.Relax your shoulders and neck, head slightly lift.Arms down along the body.Raise the dumbbells to your chest alternately.Movements should be slow and uniform.Exercises with dumbbells can not stand fuss.On the rise inhale, exhale when lowering.The brush must be aligned

with the forearm.There were no jerks, do everything slowly.This exercise works on the biceps - bicep.To start fit 20-25 repetitions on each arm.Later, the number of repetitions can be increased.

recovery in hand

starting position remains the same.Lift both arms out straight, grip down.Perform this exercise is necessary smoothly, without jerks.Booming deep breath when lowering - exhale.You can feel how tense triceps brachii muscle - triceps.It will be enough for 10-15 reps.Raise your hands, no need to pull the shoulders to the ears.They should be lowered and deployed.

Rises forward

This is one of the most effective exercises for the formation of the elastic chest and beautiful shoulder line.The initial position - as described above.Raise straight arms alternately forward, grip the top.Raised arm should be parallel to the floor, the other - firmly against the thigh.When the exercise is not necessary to make any sudden movements.And make sure that the shoulders were on the same level.Perform 10-15 repetitions on each hand.

Lunges forward

After such a load handles need to rest.In order not to be just with dumbbells in hand, you can do some lunges forward.It is a good exercise for the formation of elastic priests.
Home exercises with dumbbells for women: Video

Stand up straight, keep your back straight, arms down.Take out one leg forward and the other to leave the place.And now, without changing the position of the back and arms, sit down on the exposed leg so that the shin is perpendicular to the floor remained.Then go up and return the leg back.Now all the same should be done on the other side.Ten repetitions on each leg will suffice.Hands during this time have a rest.


Complete training complex can be a very useful exercise with dumbbells - deadlifts.This exercise is one of the most effective, especially if all done correctly.
Home exercises with dumbbells for women: Video

most important thing - keep your back straight.To do this, you need to look forward.Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width and slightly bend your knees.Hands with dumbbells keep a little in front of him.Now, slowly, thoughtfully lean forward, lowering the dumbbells just below the knee.Remember that it is necessary to keep the back straight!The whole point of the exercise.Feel how your muscles work.

This seemingly small list of home exercises with dumbbells will help you not only to tighten muscles and create a nice relief, but also to strengthen their health.And to understand how to perform all of the above into practice at home, you can watch the video with basic dumbbell exercises for women is lower.

Video: basic exercises with dumbbells at home

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