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Ode to Aphrodite shrimp or Diet

Aphrodite emerged from the sea was considered by the ancient goddess of beauty.It is a measure of the relationship of the ancient people to the sea - a source of health, youth and beauty.
Modern nutritionists also recommend a regular inclusion in the diet seafood.

What characterizes the "right diet"?

  • body has to get all the necessary nutrients for themselves,
  • stockpile while superfluous.

Seafood in this sense - the perfect product.Moreover, nutritionists do not recommend to buy exotic (snails or lobster) and meat to eat shrimp, crabs.

Than shrimp helpful for dieters?

  • fat content in shrimp close to zero,
  • shrimp meat with regular use improves digestion.

Shrimp - a protein plus trace elements which are necessary for his learning and for the functioning of our body.Meat contains:

  • 18-20% protein and 0.7% fat,
  • essential amino acids,
  • vitamin B12, used for production of hemoglobin and of the nervous system, vitamins A, E, B and D,
  • microcells.

More about micronutrients:

  • iodine - is needed for the thyroid gland and the immune system,
  • potassium - for the cardiovascular system,
  • zinc has a positive effect on the skin, the nails, the synthesis of hormones,
  • Sulfur is also necessary for the skin, hair and nails, reduces the allergic reaction, increases evacuation of bowel function,
  • as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron, and copper.

in seafood contain omega-3, which is capable of:

  • reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood,
  • reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease,
  • positively affect the eyesight and nervous system,
  • reduce inflammation inarthritis and asthma,
  • increase life expectancy.

Nutritionists recommend eating meat shrimp twice a week and you will have no deficiency diseases, as well as significantly reduce the number of colds.

When purchasing must take into account current environmental problems, the best are delicious and environmentally friendly shrimp from Norway (and the North Atlantic seafood in general).

If your goal - to lose weight, to choose a side dish vegetables - zucchini, eggplant, avocado.

Warning: All seafood can cause allergies, although shrimp and less allergenic than fish, so make sure you include them in your diet slowly and make sure you are not allergic.

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