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Nutritionists recommend: instead of tablets eat berries

berries loved by all, and everyone knows about the benefits of the berries.But why that often we forget to eat them.But the summer - this is the time of year when you can get the vitamins and minerals are not of pharmacy jars of vitamins and dietary supplements, and regaling berries.
Nutritionists urge to draw again look at natural vitamins and antioxidants, donated to us by nature - berries.

Scientists from Germany on the basis of studies remind us of the use of these gifts of nature, and is recommended to use fresh berries daily.
In their experiments, the researchers confirmed that all the berries have a positive effect on metabolism, stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, to effectively help the body get rid of toxins.Especially effective berries.

example, black grapes and blackberries contain substances that can help the body fight bacteria and toxic substances.

Daily inclusion in the diet of strawberries (or strawberries), raspberries and blueberries will provide the body with so many vitamins

that will cope with any illness begins.

German scientists also compared the benefits of the body when using berries, fruits and vegetables.In particular, as a means of preventing cancer.

was found that grapes - one of the strongest natural prevention of cancer exceeds citrus in this 3 times.
Blackberry effective for cancer prevention, compared with citrus by 138%.About as effective against malignant tumors and red currants.

addition that the berries are rich in vitamins, they are also rich in substances that are necessary for their assimilation.
example, gooseberries: fruit pulp contains a lot of vitamin A, the skin - fatty acids, which are necessary for the absorption of the vitamin by the body.Also gooseberries rich in zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium.

Eating berries not only helps to preserve health, but also help to lose weight and stay slim and beautiful.

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