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Want to lose weight - Eat eggs for breakfast

recently in the American Journal of International Journal of Obesity, dedicated to the fight against obesity, published the results of research.

turns out that you can accelerate weight loss twice, if in addition to a low calorie diet for breakfast eggs.

Americans usual breakfast - donuts.Scientists have proposed to replace them with two eggs, while calorie breakfast remained unchanged.

It turned out that the result will be a more rapid loss of excess weight, but only under the condition that along with the change in the morning you'll be food diet with reduced calories.

In addition, in recent studies, these same researchers found that those who eat breakfast eggs, have a feeling full longer and eat less during the day.

the eggs we get the vitamins and minerals necessary for the functioning of the body.Egg protein - one of the most useful for the human amino acid composition.
More than the useful eggs

Warning: Eggs should be consumed with caution in cholelithiasis because of their choleretic


Want to lose weight - Eat eggs for breakfast

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