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Diet slimming stomach

Diet slimming stomach Excess weight in the abdominal area - one of the main problems of women.Do you want to make a flat stomach, get rid of wrinkles on the sides?To achieve this is not difficult, you just have a strong desire.

plan to get rid of belly fat and waist include a proper diet for losing weight and physical activity, aimed at the desired area.
Certainly, a diet for a flat stomach can help to lose weight throughout the body, if you are overweight.With regard to supply this diet only specifies the basic rules, you can have all that they are not prohibited, but in moderation:

  • Eat slowly and regularly, every 3-4 hours.
  • Drink more water and green tea, you can sometimes add a teaspoon of honey.Incidentally, water is the staple diet in abdomen.
  • Include in your diet salad, preferably with each meal.Fiber helps to release your bowels.And it is in the diet to lose weight for the belly one of the most important criteria.
  • Snack on fruits.
  • more likely to use citrus: grapefruit, oranges, lemon juice, as well as any g
  • to lose weight in the abdomen, the maximum limit: salt, refined sugar and all products containing it, white bread, muffins, and other refined products.This is especially true of flour products, diet slimming belly and they - almost two incompatible things.

Proper diet for losing weight

recommend for drawing up the menu for the day you can use our online calorie counter.

How to lose weight in the abdomen: exercise

first exercise in the diet for the stomach are good that they can carry out, without getting up from his chair, and then you can do at every opportunity: at work, at home.

Sit on a chair, his hands holding on to the seat.
Lift the chin, most straighten your back and lift your legs.
Turn feet first left, then right.
Start with 10 repetitions and then increase the amount

Sit on a chair, slide the knees, keep your feet on the floor.
Extend arms forward, exhale, tighten your abdominal muscles.
Slowly lean forward, trying to touch the floor.
Inhale, exhale, return to starting position.
Start five times, then gradually increase the number of repetitions.

How to lose weight in the abdomen

Another exercise to lose weight quickly in the stomach, you can perform quite unnoticed in the workplace or in public transport, sitting, standing and even while walking:

tense and relax your abdominal muscles and buttocks.

Other exercises on your abs:

Lie on your back, feet flat on the floor, cross your hands behind your head.
On the exhale, lift your shoulders and chest off the floor, lower back while inhaling.Loin should be pressed against the floor.The chin is pulled forward and upward.
Repeat 25-30 times

Lying on your back, raise your legs crossed elongated at right angles.
arms stretched along the body, palms and lightly rest against the floor.
Raise and lower pelvis.
Start with 3-5 repetitions, then try to do more.

Spin the hoop

Another good exercise when holding diet for the sides and belly:

twist hoop, you can start with a light, then, was to the effect, take a hoop heavier.


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