Diets for Health

Diet of the Stone Age

At a time when more and more advertising imposes on us a variety of fast food, fashion becomes a healthy lifestyle and return to nutrition of our ancestors.

These currents even more popular, as physicians are increasingly called diseases such as hypertension, cardio-vascular diseases of civilization, linking them with the spread of modern human nutrition and obesity.

Someone advises to eat, how to eat even our great-grandmother in Russian villages (soup and porridge our food), one becomes raw foodists, but the authors Stone Age diet offer to pay attention to the diet of ancient people, who were engaged in gatheringand only mastered agriculture and animal husbandry.

This diet is not intended to limit calories and quick results, it is necessary to adhere to for a long time.Authors diet not linked directly to the amount of calories and weight loss / weight retention.

proposed to use only natural products: crude vegetables, berries, fruit, porridge on the water from the raw grains, legumes, herbs -

the basis of nutrition.Allowed as eggs, fish, meat.

excluded: all products containing refined sugar (honey is permitted), pasta, various cereals, semi-finished products.Accordingly, the need to prepare yourself without using any bouillon cubes, etc., containing any artificial improvers and flavor enhancers.

One of the options menu for the day:

Breakfast: juice, eggs, oatmeal on the water with raisins
Lunch: vegetable soup with lots of vegetables, a piece of black or corn bread
Dinner: vegetable or fruit salad with vegetablebutter or yogurt (low-fat sour cream).Or rice (unpolished use).

Use simple cooking ensures that sitting on this diet, a person does not overeat.Lack of "empty calories" in the diet leads to the gradual, without abrupt changes and stress, normalization of weight.It must ensure that the body receives a varied and balanced diet.