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How does the diet of the age?

Diet age appears, among all age groups of the population problem of losing weight does not concern only babies whose every dialed kilogram turns into an occasion for my mother's pride.

But for the reason that the problem of childhood obesity is becoming more and more acute, many children already in high school, and in the kindergarten have to wear insulting nicknames, ridiculing their fullness, in abundance comes up with the same age-mockers.Experiences related to excessive obesity are amplified in the high school age.Often, they become a cause of insecurity, especially when trying to explore with the opposite sex.

Growing up, people begin to realize that in addition to aesthetic problems, obesity carries with it a much more important issues related to health.For the civilized world increasingly becomes relevant choice of diet, appropriate for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight at any age.We hope that this article will help you in this choice.

dependence diet on age

preschool and primary schoo

progresses rapidly completeness of preschoolers should cause alarm parents.Off the outdated notion that a complete child - a healthy baby!In many cases, excess weight in children is a measure of dysfunction of metabolism, which in turn is caused by chronic abnormalities in certain internal organs.The first recommendation here can only be a thorough medical examination of the whole body of the child.

If parents have reason to be confident that the weight gain associated with only diet and lack of movement, it is necessary to actively undertake the organization of leisure rolling his child.Stimulating interest in sports, gifts such as roller skates, a bicycle, a ball, a set of badminton racquets or tennis, a subscription to the pool - all of these methods will help increase the number of actively conducted toddler hours.Also be sure to reform the global diet.Fruits and vegetables, cereals it must occupy a privileged place.As an outsider to stay the same foods that contain refined sugar and artificial flavor enhancers, also is to limit the use of flour products.

This diet solves the problem of saturation child's body with all necessary for the development, subject to the conditions of reduced calorie menu.

These recommendations are not relevant to cases with advanced symptoms of obesity, which must deal with professionals.

diet in adolescence
Quite often dramatic weight gain in adolescents is an echo of the active functioning of the hormone system.Strengthening the release of hormones from the body is accompanied by a restructuring of the state "child" in a state of "adult".

serious mistake dissatisfied with their plumper figure a high school student, and guys, too, is a "self-appointed" strict diet.The lack of much needed in adolescence may revoke the power of a good variety of negative effects on the body, as in the future, including the planning of the offspring, and put immediate deteriorating health.Therefore, if the parents noticed that the fullness of the time teenagers are very concerned about their heir, and is about to result in starvation, it is necessary to talk about the specifics of adolescence and the consequences of unreasonable impact on the metabolic system.The desire to fight with the children of the typed kgs can be implemented in the goad to sports activities and campaigning for healthy food.

category of people aged "from age to retirement»
When most of the processes of the body and adolescent adjustment made, it is time for action to adjust the weight.However, that is no reason to feel a long list of different diets on their physiology, testing endurance.It is better not to choose short-term diet, calorie calculation which is provided on the basis of individual parameters of the body.Desire lightning discharge excess weight should contain reasonable arguments and justifications ineffective slimming rapid methods.Diets of this type, except for short-term results, "will give" more and a sharp decrease in skin elasticity.

Effective weight loss after 30 years suggests including the cleansing of the body, which during that time had to be filled with toxins.So now it becomes relevant the use of cleansing diets.The condition of their effectiveness - a lot of movement and physical activity.You can also pay attention to anti-aging diet.
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diet in old age
retirement age is a barrier for the spontaneous and deliberate bad lifestyle choices, menu, and, of course, diet.Sudden changes in weight gain in any direction is not only undesirable but also dangerous to health.Typical for this age and the loss of the full assimilation of nutrients derived from food, is not conducive to the use of rigid dietary restrictions.But moderate enthusiasm for the sport is even shown.

Thus, analysis of the body's reaction to a diet at any age shows that the best time to deal with excessive fullness - is age formed during the heyday of the body, ie,18-50 years.Rude and unprofessional intervention in the human body, who is under the age of 18 or after 50 years is likely to result in a negative response of the organism.

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