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Weight loss diet Mirkin

Weight loss by diet Mirkin be fit and healthy I want everything and almost everyone wants to bring itself back to normal, without any special effort.Vladimir Mirkin - psychotherapist, a specialist in anti-obesity offers this help.His diet can benefit even those who have been obese with comorbidities.

basic rules of weight loss by Dr. Mirkin
1. For the figure, you are only responsible , first of all we must realize this.We tend to blame excess weight anyone and anything, but it must be recognized that only our actions (or inaction): overeating, not adherence to and including food, lack of attention to their health lead to overweight.

2. own desire to lose weight is the most powerful incentive.Check yourself, why you decided to go on a diet.If the cause is just that you do not like your soul mate so the weight of what is or lose weight for the sake of fashion, but his own desire to get rid of the extra kilos is not in sight, the diet is converted into flour that does not bear any result.

3. To fight fatty deposits was n

ot much a burden and you are out of it a winner, you must have a motive .For each it will be his: for someone completeness of related health problems, someone believes that he has lost the appeal in the eyes of others.Highlight the motive, the importance of which for you would be the greatest.

realization motive is also important because in everyday life we ​​constantly encounter "exculpatory motives" - meeting with friends, stress, etc.To such motives are not taken up, the motivation for weight loss should be stronger.

4. Before you go on a diet, install at least approximate dates and the number of kilograms from which intend to get rid of - it would be a kind of installation on the weight loss.The timing, consider that the more overweight (body mass index), so as a rule, the faster it goes.

5. Slimming need to develop a new diet , which it is desirable to adhere to life.Therefore, a new food model should not be burdensome and simple.

6. Lose weight can prevent the fear of the complexity of the work ahead of them.Success will do only those who, rejecting all doubts, take the first, albeit small, small step to a new life.

7. Self-hypnosis - an indispensable tool in the weight loss .Daily sessions will help to create a positive attitude towards diet ("my diet - it's beautiful body, ease, health, self-respect, the attention of men / women") and opposed to overeating and "bad" foods ("sugar - a shortness of breath, disharmony in the family foldon the belly, double chin ").

self-hypnosis can be practiced at any time, but preferably in the morning and in the evening, when you are relaxed, as well as during the day, in those moments when diet and pulls broken.

products that can be consumed on a diet Mirkin

  • any fish and seafood,
  • all dairy products with a fat content of not more than 3,5%,
  • cheeses with a fat content of not more than 40%,
  • vegetables (excludes potatoesand legumes),
  • sour-sweet fruit,
  • eggs,
  • mushrooms,
  • meat (exclude pork and roasted duck),
  • spices and herbs,
  • oil,
  • unsweetened drinks (can be with saccharin)sweet juice you can drink, diluted with water.

Meals can be prepared in any way to use the frying oil.

Diet Mirkin is also known as the "exclusion diet» .One of the advantages of this diet is that it is not necessary to cook for yourself alone, with:

  • first dish (soup) is excluded grounds - eat only broth, which is good for digestion,
  • second dish eat without a side dish - meator fish and salad,
  • have to choose a dessert without sugar,
  • can eat fruits, except bananas, dates, apricots, figs, do not eat, and nuts.

Prohibited products sometimes can not afford, but in small quantities.

Estimated daily menu for diet Mirkin:

Breakfast: 100 gr.protein foods (cottage cheese, 40% fat, boiled or grilled meat, boiled or fried fish, 2 eggs), tea or coffee without sugar (you can with milk).
Lunch: soup of the first course (excludes grounds except cabbage) - 250g., 100g.meat or fish and 150 grams.vegetable salad (except for potatoes and beans) with vegetable oil, 30 g.bread, unsweetened juice or compote.
Dinner: 100 gr.meat or fish, a cup of yogurt (to 3.2% fat), fruit.
between meals have a meal - vegetables or fruits (up to 100 gr.).

specific menu for the day, you can make your own out of authorized products to the proposal from the above diagram.Daily diet should not exceed 1500 kcal.In order for the body during the diet received all the necessary material to eat should be varied.

3 options menu diet Mirkin
№ 1:

Breakfast - 200 grams.curd + Coffee (coffee with milk), sugar,
lunch - soup without the thick meat broth (it should not include potatoes) + a piece of bread (30 oz.), the second 100 m.boiled meat and 150 grams.salad of fresh green vegetables with salt and onions, seasoned with vegetable oil + a glass of tomato juice,
afternoon tea - milk (1.5% fat),
dinner - 100 gr.dairy sausages +250 ml of yogurt (3.2% fat) + apple (200 g.).

daily ration - 1200 kcal.

№ 2:

Breakfast - 100 grams.sausage + Coffee with milk,
lunch - ear without grounds + a piece of bread, the second steak (100 gr.) with a salad of fresh tomatoes and dill with vegetable oil + a glass of apple juice,
snack - glass of tomato juice,
dinner -200 gr.cheese + a glass of yogurt (3.2% fat) + grapes (200 gr.).

daily ration - 1400 kcal.

№ 3:

breakfast - two boiled eggs with salt + tea with milk,
lunch - soup with meat broth without + thick slice of bread, the second 100 m.sausage and cucumber salad + a glass compote of dried fruits without sugar,
lunch - a cup of yogurt (1.5% fat),
dinner - 100 gr.+ a glass of kefir cheese (2.5%) + grapefruit or orange.

daily ration - 1300 kcal.

If you do not want to make the menu yourself, you can buy a book with Dr. Mirkin versions of recipes.

Diets Mirkin can stick constantly, it's not even a diet, but a system of proper nutrition.The absence of strict limits makes this technique a secure and at the same time effective.

If you have a large overweight in the first 2-3 weeks of dieting gone 5-7 kg, then the weight loss may be suspended (in this period there is a reorganization of lipid metabolism).Later diet Mirkin would allow dumping of 7-10 kg per month.

Intensive slimming Dr. Mirkin recommends a day to arrange fasting days.The most effective Dr. Mirkin said fasting days kefir.Also recommended cottage cheese, apple, cucumber, cabbage fasting days.

Subsequently, it will be possible to arrange unloading times a week.If, during the festive feast you allow yourself more than usual, as rescue fasting day.

Regular exercise will be an additional plus.

How to lose weight once and for all.11 Steps to a slim figure

In this book, the most fully set out the author's method of weight loss Dr. Mirkin.You will learn how to effectively lose weight without harm to health, how to deal with "hungry attacks", removing the emotional stress during weight loss.
unique author's diet will help you lose weight in the past month to 10 kilograms.

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