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Diet carbohydrate alternation or zigzag Diet

Diet carbohydrate alternation ┬źNearing the summer!" - With this realization we begin to try on their last year's summer clothes closet and review for upgrade.And suddenly, looking at yourself in your favorite bathing suit, horror notice on the abdomen and thighs "winter" weight, which does not want us in the summer, but in winter they do not need.And it starts urgent flipping magazines, viewing sites in search of miracle diets, suitable for urgent and effective weight loss - an annual fight against "winter pounds" is gaining momentum.

Oh, those eternal diets counting calories!Interminably long weeks on cereals without salt and butter, unsweetened tea and yogurt.Delicious food dreams at night, to the constant feeling of hunger added headaches, skin problems, brittle nails and split ends.Why is that?Sitting on a low-calorie diet, your body is deprived of essential vitamins and trace elements.

How many times have we had to go on suffering for the sake of a slim figure?Arranging fasting days, we give up favorite foods and treats, s

it on a strict diet.Remember, as you constantly literally attacked the idea "that this bite" - hunger haunts around the world seems unfair and boring, everything fades and zest for life is almost gone.

The trouble lies in wait for us and after the diet.When we drastically restrict your diet, eating little and monotonous, the metabolism slows down, and after a diet when we go to the original food, "native kilograms" dropped so painfully, nibirayutsya again almost out of thin air.

What diet carbohydrate alternation?

Looming question: is there any effective diet is not causing acute hunger?Yes, and one of them is - zigzag-carbohydrate diet or a diet of alternation.The authors of this diet is considered that the monotony of the - one of the main enemies of effective weight loss.

feature of this diet: avoid carbohydrates first, then the load of your body, then eat balanced.This power allows you to "roll out" your metabolism and keep it at a high level.

cycle lasts up to seven days, then repeated again.Calculated diet for 1-2 months, during which time no problems losing weight for 3 - 10 extra kilos.

first day - it is the most difficult
Day One.Reduces the amount of carbohydrates and 1 gram per kilogram of body weight.At the same woman consumed 3 grams.protein, men - 4 c.per kilogram body weight, fat, from 0.8 to 1 m.per kilogram.

Carbohydrates - favorite "fuel" our body, we will deplete their stocks in two days, the body began to "use" fat.The main part of the diet will make the fish, lean meat and dairy products, but the cereal, fruit and flour minimized.

can eat 1-2 apples, 400 g.vegetables, where the starch content is minimal.And also a little piece of grain or bran bread.

To ensure success at this stage of the diet, let us swim, simple exercises and walking, for at least 40 minutes.

can congratulate yourself - the first step to a slim figure made!

Sample menu:

Breakfast: salad of non-starchy vegetables, seasoned with a teaspoon of vegetable oil, 2 eggs, low-fat cottage cheese.
dinner: low-fat broth, a piece of corn bread, chicken breast, steamed vegetables or a cup of beans.
dinner: salad of non-starchy vegetables, seasoned with a teaspoon of vegetable oil, fish.

next three days - a minimum carbohydrate
menu on the second, third and fourth days of the alternation of carbohydrate diet remains the same - with a minimum of carbohydrates.But if your body subjected to an as severe restrictions for the first time it is difficult to carry carbohydrate starvation, and on the third day you decide to go to the next stage of the diet - this is quite normal.

Those who are determined to go further warn that despite the enthusiasm of the first days of the dumped 1-2 kilograms of weight, carbohydrate-free life can not be tightened.Glycoprivous stress can cause the body to start saving as an anti-stress fat reserves and to cover the energy he will let the muscle cells.Also falling in large quantities in the body fats and proteins create a strain on the kidneys and liver

human body, especially women, are very thrifty and does not like to spend a lazy body fat carefully, because it may come in handy in difficult times.However, after spending 3-4 days on a diet of carbohydrate starvation the body reluctantly, but still begin to burn stored fat.

fifth day
start carb loading!Eat 5-6 grams.carbohydrates per 1 kilo of body weight, reducing the intake of protein and 1 g.and fat and 0.6 grams.per kg.The number of calories consumed should not be changed simply by eating more fruits and cereals, replenishing carbohydrate stores.The body rests on the excess protein food, wherein the fat reserves still actively combusted by the body, has not yet happened to switch to the body of energy from carbohydrates.

Do not worry if after downloading the carbohydrates in the fifth or subsequent days of the return had already lost weight is not fat, glycogen and water.

in our body under normal conditions postponed reserve approximately 350-400 g.carbohydrates in the form of glycogen.And each of 2.6 grams of delay c.water.

Sample menu:

breakfast: a portion of oatmeal with raisins, fruit.
meal: a plate of brown rice or buckwheat, half a chicken breast, vegetable salad.
dinner: pasta from durum flour with low-fat sauce.

recommended in the day to move to more intensive training.

Completion cycle zigzag diet - the sixth and seventh days
nearing completion of a cycle zigzag diet.These days, the ratio of protein, carbohydrates, fats in our diet should be, respectively: 1.3-2 g.- 4 c.- 0.8 g.per kilogram of body weight.This ratio is recommended by nutritionists as the most balanced nutrition physically active person.

first cycle of the diet is over.If you really want to lose weight quickly, diet and seemed to you not at all complicated, this step can be reduced to one day, after which start from the first day of the cycle.

Sample menu:

breakfast: a portion of oatmeal with raisins, low-fat cottage cheese.
Lunch: chicken, rice, soup or salad.
dinner: 3 pieces of corn bread, salad, fish.

hope that a diet of carbohydrate alternation will be your reliable and proven tool in the fight against excess weight, because such an alternation of nutrients is not addictive and causes the body to use fat reserves, while maintaining power for normal operation and providing good mood.Measuring centimeters at the waist, abdomen, thighs, or frantically dialed counting calories per day, you will not get depressed, because the result will make you happy.A frequent glances at you men and envious glances girlfriends say that diet was a success.You can safely meet the summer - in your favorite swimsuit or a light dress you will be irresistible.

Remember that each body has its own individual characteristics, and if you do, and chronic disease, before they change their way of eating, go to the doctor and consult, correspond to your particular diet.Any experiments in the presence of problems in the metabolism, as well as kidney diseases and cancer pozhdeludochnoy other viscera fraught with undesirable consequences.

Good luck and slim figure!

recommend protein carbohydrate diet alternation

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