Low-calorie diet

Diet '1000 calories' per day

1000 Calorie Diet 1,000 calorie diet developed by a dietitian.The diet is balanced and varied, involves 3 main meals and 2-3 snacks, like modern nutritionists usually recommend.

low-calorie diet (assuming the use of 1000 calories a day), it is recommended not to comply with more than a week.How many kilograms can go in this time?It is individual and depends on the number of extra kilos and on what diet you adhere to the diet.

    1000 calories diet can be a good shake-up for the body, if the weight rose.

After a week of diet a little bit, increase the amount of calories, it will exclude slower metabolism in the body.Avoid, at least temporarily, fatty and sugary foods.Otherwise, the body, surviving "Hungry Days", will seek to quickly make up for the loss.

Two options menu diet to 1,000 calories
first diet of 1000 kcal:

piece of black or 2 slices of diet bread or a quarter of fresh tortillas,
fat cottage cheese (2 tbsp) or sexcup diet yogurt (kefir).

fruit, a choice of apple or pear or

a peach or orange or 2 plums or apricots 2.

100 grams of chicken (or turkey) or 150 grams of marine fish or vegetarian schnitzel,
bean (vegetable) soup,
salad of green vegetables,
3 tablespoons garnishing (stewed vegetables or porridge on the water).

any fruit or cooked corn cob,
8 pieces of almonds (2 walnuts).

1 egg or 2 slices of low-fat sausages or sardines in oil, 3-4,
half cup of oatmeal or buckwheat,
vegetable salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and herbs.

Before going to bed, you can eat 1 tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese and a slice of diet bread.

second option Sample menu for the day at 1000 calories

boiled egg,
piece of bread, butter (10 grams),
glass of skim milk,
half a grapefruit.

fruit of your choice (apple or pear or a peach or orange or 2 plums or apricots 2).

boiled lean meat (80 grams),
steamed vegetables (200 grams), or vegetable soup,
green salad.

slice of bread with butter (oil is not more than 5 grams), or the cheese or cottage cheese (up to 30 grams),
skim milk.

boiled lean meat (80 grams),
steamed vegetables (200 grams),
half a glass of skim milk (it can be added to coffee or tea).

before bedtime can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.

During dieting should drink at least 10-12 glasses of fluid.As a drink can be consumed green tea, chamomile broth or clean water without gas.1-2 times a day you can drink coffee.

Do not think that the less you drink, the better.If there are no problems with the kidneys, the rate of water consumption for adults of 30-35 ml per kg of the body, the only way the body will not store water in reserve and will be able to effectively remove all the decay products.

recommend to compile the menu you can use our online calorie counter.

Before you start to lose weight on a diet of 1000 kcal, consult your doctor.

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