How to get rid of cellulite

Today is used lot of variety of ways to treat cellulite.The article presents the popular response to the wave of women question: how to get rid of cellulite fast ?


This surgical method is the implementation of special incisions in the abdomen, including removing unwanted fat and skin.It should be borne in mind that lifting is a full surgical procedure, respectively, it provides for a sufficiently long period of rehabilitation.It should be noted, however, that later may be left scars.


This technique is the surgical removal of fat using a cannula - special tubes that are inserted under the skin and regulated vacuum unit.Liposuction is performed in the legs, buttocks, abdomen, arms and the rest of the problem areas of the body.

should be borne in mind that such a procedure does not remove wrinkles and saggy skin fat tissue.Liposuction is only for those who have skin has good elasticity.The main disadvantage of this method of getting rid of cellulite is its cost.Another drawbac

k of liposuction is that during this operation may impair the integrity of the lymph and blood vessels.

Fat injections

This procedure is quick to get rid of cellulite is the antithesis of liposuction.Its mission is, what would, by increasing the layer of fat, eliminate all irregularities (all kinds of dimples and bumps).This procedure uses the adipose tissue, which is taken from other parts of the body.Fat injections can also prevent the occurrence of wrinkles and other skin deficiencies.The effect of the procedure lasts up to six months.

Anti-cellulite cream

Quite often you can find similar anti-cellulite agents on the shelves of pharmacies and cosmetics stores.The basis of cellulite creams used both natural and synthetic compounds that stimulate the fat burning.It has a similar effect, and more convenient to use anti-cellulite patches.

Vacuum roller massage

This method of getting rid of cellulite is to implement a massage using a vacuum apparatus having a roller attachment, which is able to adjust the grip.This unit aligns the fat layers, eliminating all the bumps and vmyatinki.Duration vacuum roller massage should not exceed 45 minutes.To get a visible result, you need to spend a few massages.It is worth noting that the effect of the procedure lasts relatively long time to maintain a proper result from time to time you need to repeat this procedure.


This method comprises administering intradermal microinjection containing vitamins and minerals using a special device - the injector.Mesotherapy involves the introduction of drugs that break down fat deposits.Also included in the injection cholagogue drugs, drugs that promote lymphatic drainage, substances which improve microcirculation, elasticity.Injection also contains substances that remove the extracellular fluid.Another additional advantage is mesotherapy effect on receptor cutaneous apparatus.

course of treatment usually consists of 10-16 procedures.In order to get rid of cellulite is guaranteed, experts advise to start to hold sessions lymphatic drainage massage that would most affect the place where the lesions.Lifodrenazhny massage can be performed with a special machine, and can be carried out and manually.You can then carry out the procedure of mesotherapy.To fix the effect it is recommended to continue to use vacuum massage and body wraps.

Advantages of Mesotherapy:

  • has no age limit;
  • lasting effect;
  • drugs that are administered are not toxic.

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