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Diet Maggi, reviews slimming

Diet Maggi, reviews Diet Maggi - a popular 4-week diet.There are 2 options: egg and cheese, both are equally effective, some choose to lose weight - it depends on individual preferences.

    More about diet menu and its compliance with the rules described in the article diet Maggie.

represented on this page reviews about diet and some of the results of weight loss on it.
Below you can read new reviews about diet Maggie and share your results, ask a question.

Some of the results and feedback on the egg diet Maggie

In the diet, which is still called differently - ABC diets, diet Maggi takes a leading position.

Diet Maggi - a variant of the egg diet, and therefore better known version of Maggi egg, which reviews and summarized below.

Rimma 1ned.6d
Hello everyone!Girl I feel so bad, I woke up yesterday from hunger, want a drink of water and I felt sick, dizzy and lost consciousness several times, called an ambulance, and now lie too, the weakness of the body, somebody was such?With Maggie tear course.

Tasha36 (4nd 1 day)
Rimma, hello.You ate normal meals or small? Water clean enough to drink ?Many people neglect this, and at the protein diet intestines need for clean water and toxins.Very hard to drink it, just push into itself, but persuade themselves that will have no problem going to the toilet and dehydration.You for itself Assess what and how, and how much you ate, and drank, and understand or you did not follow all the rules, or you protein diet is contraindicated.I wish you recover quickly and you find a suitable diet.

After dinner, you should not want to eat - so eat a little more than what is written - but you should be satisfied.I'm here for example often have dinner much earlier than 18 - can in 16 and 17 - as the hungry - but then feel fine - and only drink green tea .. so maybe you do not need to try .. resides in the fasted state.And the most important thing you need to enjoy the color of the food, its type and the amount of - because if you are constantly dissatisfied than ever - the result will not be positive .. More girls

Someone asked about MCC , I drink 3 tablets 3 times a dayOtherwise, even if I drink 2 liters of water the toilet did not regularly attend, as well as the clock well, plus or minus.Many diet Maggie complain just that I have not yet felt the trouble.The only huge minus it's hard to swallow, but I have already adapted.

Today, such a happy day, cheers, finished fiber diet Maggi, Week 4 - proved the most difficult for me, but overall it went quickly.and I did not expect the result lived up to my expectations, which pleased.This morning I ate ovsyanochku on milk with fruktikami, this is fun, I like it so !!!!!So
results for 4 weeks :
Originally height 168, weight 55, 3
After diet Maggi - 50,5kg.The volumes decreased well now 89-67-90 and 90-75-93 were.In general, where necessary 8cm already gone !!!!
first and second week of Maggie went okay, but I confess honestly, I'm a little disturbed, especially at week 4.A 3 week diet Maggi, where fruit days, saw an additional plain yogurt 1%, but felt much better.I know what was my violations do not have affected the results negatively.For a month when my weight losing -4.8 think it's great !!!!
all thank you, with your support, solidarity, visit, read, charged with energy, and continue to fight))

Hello girls!My weight slowly but surely going down, today saw 55.9 on the scale, this decade has not seen , direct feel rejuvenated.So elegant, it is not necessary to keep track of your stomach, do not retract, and it does not stick out.Cellulite has evaporated, I went straight to flit, and even then some three months ago, I suffered all this with a weight of 63.5.I still do not believe that I was able to lose weight, I thought that without some drastic measures to achieve this result is simply not possible, but as it turned out, most importantly a strong desire.More Health and corrected.All the forces, you will succeed !!!

Good morning, girls!
That ended my diet Maggie, 4 weeks passed quickly, but what a result!
started from 84.4 (an increase of 171), followed -7.900 !!!Eeehhh almost enough to 8 kg ...)))
result is quite rarely allowed disorders (sometimes coffee with milk, no sugar, a couple of times had liver ...))) Very often ate everything that was necessary.
But it's better, I pamper myself a little further in the "path", but it does not tear finally)))

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