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Desserts without harm to the figures - advice Slastenov

Article written by one of the readers of the site based on their own experience of losing weight without dieting.

Ladies, if you can not live without the sweet, do not torture yourself and do absolutely no desserts.There are people who can easily tolerate the lack of sweets, have a sweet tooth and who have a bad mood, if they do not eat at least a piece of chocolate.I belong to the second group and a lot of worried because of his passion for sweets, I have not yet found the best solution for themselves: the light, do not harm the figure desserts.I want to share with you my findings.

First, do not hurry to rejoice.Desserts are useful for the figure, no.We can only minimize the harm from them.That is, every day to pamper yourself desserts would be superfluous.Select a few days a week when you allow yourself sweet.

Further, when the long-awaited "sweetest day" came, choose from the entire sea confectionery diversity that deliver the greatest joy of the soul and does not harm the body.From the purchase

of sweets will benefit jellies, marshmallows and candy.They contain beneficial agent pectin and little fat.If you decide to treat yourself to sweets or cookies, choose quality and expensive.Then you buy less and enjoy every bit of expensive goodies.Try sweets with fructose.The department diet you can find all kinds of biscuits and chocolate without sugar.True calories and fat they still abound, so do not get carried away.Of course, it is worth mentioning dark chocolate, which is considered to be even beneficial for health.If you like it a specific taste - eat health.Experts recommend halva as a source of many nutrients, but personally, I love it though, watch out there, because of the huge amount of fat and calories.

refuse all costs from cakes, butter biscuits, cakes and other high-calorie pastries.You should not overeat.From one candy you do not get better, and certainly a dozen postponed at the waist and on the fifth point.Also purchased sweets, you can always treat yourself to a home, dietary sweet dishes.Use variations of yogurt, fat-free yogurt, fruit, dried fruit, honey and nuts.Because these products can be prepared desserts, smoothies, fruit salads, casseroles ... Limit fantasy does not exist.Try, experiment and indulge yourself useful and home sweets.