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Spirulina for weight loss

Spirulina weight loss: reviews, how to take, instructions

Spirulina - a wonderful gift of nature, managed to survive the numerous natural disasters.By and large, spirulina - the usual kind of algae, which has, nevertheless, a surprisingly large number of varied and useful properties, including, for the effective struggle against excess weight.

Alas, find a real live algae is not so easy, because they have a fairly short period of storage, and transport also takes some time.So basically spirulina acquire and use a ground powder or in capsules.The latter option is the most interesting, since it is recommended to take it for weight loss.However, powders are also great to fulfill their functions.

Useful properties of spirulina for weight loss

To begin with, that the algae spirulina, according to the description of the chemical composition, have a very large number of useful elements, which are most often lacking in the body due to the regular "washout" the add chemicals andof little food.For example, spirulina comprising proteins, which provides an additi

onal source of energy.In addition, researchers say that this unusual algae incorporates all known vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants, as well as a large number of organic iron and minerals such as calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, selenium.Of course, check out this information may only chemists, but even if the composition of algae have at least half of these mineral elements, they can be called a powerful weapon against fatigue and a variety of ailments.And for weight loss, to some extent, can be used without fear of spirulina and health risks.

Spirulina weight loss: reviews, how to take, instructions

Among the mass of the positive properties of algae may be noted the strengthening of the immune system and the protective functions of the body.The elements contained in algae, improve human performance, and improve brain and physical activity that can be useful in the fight against extra pounds.Because of its chemical properties of spirulina copes with the function of cleaning the entire body, including the intestines, and, while it is important for those who are obsessed with her figure.Given the large amount of protein, spirulina is perfect as a kind of food additive in a protein shake, helping to quickly build muscle and strengthen it.And that is very important for weight loss directly, algae tends to increase the level of energy consumption and metabolism by 25-30 percent.Thus, the body, when taken regularly spirulina begins to burn a third more calories functioning normally.If you give him an extra exercise, the results can be achieved much faster.

How to take spirulina tablets: instructions for use

There are no side effects from the regular intake of seaweed as a food additive is found, but it does not mean that spirulina can be used permanently - literally instead of food.Two capsules a day is more than enough.But it is desirable to take in the morning on an empty stomach, half an hour - an hour before a meal, or one and a half hours after breakfast.Jars just enough for a month, and the recommended course of from 20 days to 2 months.

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