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Turpentine baths slimming

Turpentine baths slimming Turpentine baths are used not only for the treatment of various diseases, but also for weight loss, due to the effect of expansion of blood vessels and improve blood supply to the problem areas of the body.What are the bath and how to take them correctly - is described in this article.

yellow and white turpentine bath

Turpentine attributed to medications for weight loss.For baths use two kinds of turpentine: white and yellow.Their properties vary greatly.

  • White turpentine slightly increases blood pressure, but within acceptable limits.
  • It causes contraction of the capillaries, followed by the extension.
  • body temperature it does not raise or increase perspiration.
  • White turpentine causes a severe burning and tingling of the skin than yellow.

Keep in mind that white turpentine baths are designed for people with low blood pressure and are contraindicated for people with high blood pressure.

But due to the effect of increase circulation and burning, they can help with weight loss.According to

reviews, which can be found on the Internet, bath with turpentine help to lose weight 5 kg per week.

Turpentine baths slimming

Yellow turpentine unlike white, causes a decrease in pressure, it dilates blood vessels, increases than feeding the entire body with oxygen and useful elements.It is also capable of dissolving the salt in the joints, improves ligaments and tendons, improve vision, to clean the walls of veins and arteries.

It also causes a rise in body temperature, increases sweating, making breathing more smooth and deep.

After receiving a bath of turpentine still for an hour is retained effect of high temperature, relaxation and sweating.During one such conversation a person can lose up to two liters of fluid that you need to be sure to make up for good health.

Use turpentine baths mixed type

Baths mixed type combines the beneficial properties of both yellow and white bath.Despite the fact that two different species of turpentine cause opposite effects, they can be successfully combined in various proportions to achieve the result which is needed at the moment.Most turpentine baths from this solution bath used to normalize blood pressure.Thus in the blood enter the breakdown products of the proteins contained in the tissue.This becomes possible when disclosing previously occluded or narrowed capillaries.

Turpentine baths slimming

There are two main types of turpentine for weight loss: one type is used in baths Zalmanova, the other is a drug Skipar figure.Both types of drugs have collected a lot of positive reviews.

Baths system Zalmanova accepted as follows:

  • We fill the tub with water, the temperature of which should be 1-2 degrees lower than body temperature.
  • 2.

  • divorce in the bathroom emulsion as follows: first diluted in a liter of water, then pour into the bathroom.

Take a bath is not recommended for too long, the first session should not exceed five minutes.Each following method may be increased to 1 minute.Thus, the body gradually gets used to the procedure and will not have any complications.The maximum time spent in a bath?15 minutes.Every 3-4 days to raise the water temperature is 1 degree.But do not lift it above 38 degrees.

After the procedure, wrap in a warm robe and lie down under a blanket hour.Before the adoption of turpentine bath system Zalmanova read the instructions.

second most popular drug?Skipar figure (this kind of turpentine sold in any drugstore and cosmetics stores).These turpentine baths are prepared as follows:

  • drug shaken thoroughly to pick up residue of the vial (the dosage specified in the instructions, depending on the number of procedure).
  • be diluted in three liters of hot water (not more than 60 degrees).
  • then filled with the desired bath temperature and the diluted drug is mixed until dissolved particles.

After taking a bath is recommended two o'clock break.