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Diuretic pills

Diuretic pills: reviews slimming

When a woman puts a goal to lose weight, it is sincerely hoped that the result will be a quick and stunning.But by trying to sit on a diet, exercise a little bit on the simulator and run about in the morning, a woman desperately aware that extra weight in no hurry "to melt before our eyes."Of course, the desired result does not come in a week.But if you lose weight in a few days the lady it is necessary, it usually finds a way out.

Most often more a result are able to provide diuretics.Many women prefer it to a diuretic tablets, because they "give" the desired result in a short time, and even for the low price.But as tempting prospect can be very misleading and even dangerous.That is why all the "pros" and "against" every woman should know, begin to take diuretic pills.

How do diuretics on the body?

Eating sweet and savory foods leads to accumulation of fluid, and accordingly, and to delay it in the cells of the body.Without the "assistance", this excess fluid simply not hatch.Excess fluid conta

ined also in human adipose tissue.Hence the conclusion suggests itself: to lose weight quickly - you need to "show the door" from the body all the excess "water", and diuretics have such an effect.However, taking pills all the time, even without doctor's supervision, is highly undesirable.

receiving diuretics How dangerous?

  1. dehydration;
  2. «washout" from the body of nutrients: calcium, magnesium and so on. N .;
  3. immediately after receiving the tablets may return the "lost" weight.
  4. receiving diuretic capsules may provoke headaches, muscle cramps and other, no less serious, health problems.

How to take diuretics to lose weight?

Diuretic pills: reviews slimming

Drink diuretics must be under the supervision of a doctor and always in combination with other drugs, able to replenish lost body, the nutrients.

Each diuretic drink must be in accordance with the instructions.Increase the dosage on their own is strictly prohibited.

core, people with kidney disease, as well as persons who have hormonal disorders, taking diuretics is not recommended.

What diuretic for weight loss is the most effective?

about each diuretics can hear or read a lot of conflicting reviews.Some "slimming" respond very positively about the pills, while others, on the contrary, strongly advise against taking diuretics.But if you are determined to lose weight with pills is diuretics, do not be lazy to consult a competent doctor, let specialist will select the most suitable for your body to the drug.

In general, diuretics are divided into 3 groups:

drugs loop
- potent means leading out from the body of salt, as well as the ability to filter the kidney ("Torasemide", "Furosemide");

thiazide diuretics
- drugs moderate action ("Arifon", "Hydrochlorothiazide", "Indapamide");

light diuretics
, stored in the body potassium ("amiloride", "Veroshpiron").

Whatever diuretics you have not started to use, try to use the general recommendations for use:

  • drink a lot of water;
  • kalisodergaszczye eat foods and vitamins;
  • adhere to proper nutrition and moderate volume of physical activity;
  • taking diuretics for no longer than a few days.

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