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Lida Slimming Pills

Lida Slimming tablets: slimming reviews, composition guide

For many years, the most popular drug for weight loss are a means of oriental medicine.Healers and healers East are experts in quick and effective way dropping excess weight.For many women, the key word is "fast."More Considering the fact that in our latitudes, such drugs are relatively inexpensive, the demand for them is high enough.

But the rapid and tempting to hide the result may not be the most attractive effects.For example, the Chinese diet pills Lida - a very well-known tool in the fight against excess weight, but they have gained in popularity not only because of rapid results, but "thanks" to its side effects.Just how safe and effective the drug is necessary to know every woman who dreams to find a graceful waist and slender figure.

Composition slimming Lida

Admission diet pills can be started only after reference to the composition of the drug.For each component of the capsule has an impressive impact on the body, and if your body has an individual intolerance of some phytochemicals

- drug taking is not necessary, in order to avoid serious consequences.

main plant structure Lida:

  • fruits Cola (have a tonic effect, help eliminate migraine, neuralgia, help with apathy and fatigue);
  • Poria kokosovidnaya (have a sedative effect, normalizes the stomach, spleen, heart and lungs, removes from the body of excess fluid);
  • fruit Garcinia cambogia ("brake" the synthesis of fatty acids, reduces appetite);
  • Coleus (burns fat tissue and helps release energy in the breakdown of fat).

Action Lida supplements on the body:

1. drug breaks down fat, being, to a greater extent in the so-called "problem areas": in the buttocks, the abdomen, and so on. D.
2. Lida promotes normalizationfat metabolism and helps regulate the metabolism in the body;
3. drug gives general health effect: removes harmful substances from the body, tones and invigorates, makes the human body more resilient.

Side effects from taking supplements

All the negative effects associated with the use of pills, are mainly the result of an overdose of the drug, hypersensitive to the components BUD or supplements in general.At reception of Lida and side effects may occur in people with contraindications to the drug.Lida Tool is not recommended for: minors, people who have suffered strokes or heart problems, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people over 60 years old.

How to take Lida Slimming Capsules: instruction and dosage

Lida Slimming tablets: slimming reviews, composition guide

Eat tablet dosage must be strictly in accordance with the instructions.Supplements need to drink 1 time a day - in the morning, half an hour before breakfast, or the 30 minutes after breakfast.Be sure the medicine with a full glass of warm water.The course is taken on losing weight, should not last for more than 1 month.But sometimes, to consolidate the results, allowed to drink another package.In the second month of taking the capsules can be no more than 2 times a week.It would be better if prior to the renewal course you consult with your doctor.

There is another kind of drug Lida - Lida Maximum (slimming capsule).In general, the composition of the two dietary supplements, the overall effect on the body, the pros and cons of medications are almost identical.But differs from the usual maximum Lida Lida most important thing - the result.If the use of a simple pill Lida promotes dropping over the last month, maximum, 4-10 kg, the "maximum" Lida has the effect - 15-20 kg for 30 days.

But do not forget that the pursuit of harmony and beauty should not be injurious to health!

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