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Schedule of parents affects their children's nutrition

Schedule of parents affects their children Researchers from the American University (Pennsylvania) established a direct link between parents' work schedules and eating habits of their children.It was found that children who regularly use homemade food prepared by parents, are much less likely to have the risk of obesity and overweight.

American scientists conducted a survey among 16,991 adolescent and concluded that it is important schedule of parents, not the number of hours spent at work.If parents have the opportunity to stay at home as much as possible, and at the same time during breakfast, lunch or dinner trapeznichayut with their children, then the children have a chance to be healthy.In addition, the observation of scientists shows that children in such families is much more interested in sports and a healthy lifestyle.

When a child eats food prepared at home, it is, first of all, learns to control food intake, which is a very important factor.Researchers from Pennsylvania also urge parents to impart to their children the habit to e

at food every morning as breakfast helps to normalize the metabolism and keeping it throughout the day.

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