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Scientists: Ancient Egyptians were vegetarians

Scientists: Ancient Egyptians were vegetarians According to the results of new research by French scientists in ancient times, people hardly eat meat - widespread in ancient cultures obtained vegetarianism.Almost all nationalities, who were usually sedentary daily consumed vegetables, herbs and fruits.Details of the study can be found in the Inside Science.

team of scientists and researchers from France found the food preferences of ancient people by analyzing the carbon atoms contained in the Egyptian mummies.It became clear what people ate, lived between about 3500 BC and the year 500 AD.According to scientists, about this period of ancient Egyptian diet was vegetarian.Earlier it was believed that the Egyptians used in a large number of fish that were caught in the waters of the Nile, but the study of mummies suggests otherwise: a fish in ancient Egypt was not the main meal, and a preference for vegetable food.