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Lose weight with the help of public transportation ...!

Lose weight with the help of public transportation ...! Leading scientists from the UK recently made an incredible conclusion is based on long observation of the citizens of their country: experts found that regardless of age, every person who regularly use public transport, it looks much better than those who have a personal carand move around the city more often on it.This theory was proved after the experiment, which was attended by almost 7,500 people in Britain.

researchers determined weight of each participant of the experiment and stores data in its database.It soon became clear that men are much more likely to use public transport rather than private motor vehicle, weighing about three kilograms less, unlike the others, which are used for the movement of private cars.Among the fairer sex the comparable figure was 2.5 kg.

authors explain the experimental fact that a person loses weight, when more active.It is also worth taking into account and walk to the bus stop, which is more physical activity.

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