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Food from McDonald's leads to a lack of appetite

Food from McDonald team of researchers from Australia (University of New South Wales), after a scientific experiment to establish the relationship between the violation of people's appetite and consumption of fast food.Experiments were carried out solely on laboratory rodents who ate a variety of sweets, soda and food from McDonald's.

Summarizing the study, the scientists decided not to list all the known negative effects of consumption of "unhealthy" food - instead, they actually made a new discovery: it turns out, fast food, because of the huge amount of fats and carbohydrates in its composition, deceiving the human body,informing the nervous system on the state of satiety.What is striking, in fact, the human body is not fully sated and still in need of food.Despite the fact that hunger can not be felt, however, the stomach is still continuing its work.And thus, the digestive process occurring, what is called "dry", contribute to the development of various diseases.

During the experiment, it also became clear tha

t rodents do not have the appetite at the sight of the "regular" food after they have fed fast food and some of the rats and all died from exhaustion.

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