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A healthy diet can help in a favorable climate change ...

A healthy diet can help in a favorable climate change ... scientists recently published an article in Nature Climate Change, in which they call on all people to go to a full, healthy food ... for the purpose of climate change on the Earth!Exactly how good, balanced diet affects the climate of the planet, scientists have tried to explain as much as possible is understandable.

It turned out that the production of all kinds of food, as well as its waste are the source of greenhouse gases.It is assumed that after about 35 years, the amount of these gases may be increased to 80 percent.It is known that the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions associated with the cultivation of animals, particularly cattle.The researchers concluded that a decrease in consumption of milk and meat, you can actually save the planet from greenhouse gas emissions!

sake of a favorable climate scientists recommend gradually give up meat and switch to vegetarianism.If a person really can not live without your favorite meat products, he can eat every day about 100 grams of beef, ch

icken portion, and 5-7 eggs per week.

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