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Scientists: virtually any diet has the same effect

Scientists: virtually any diet has the same effect Almost all existing versions of diets tend to produce very similar results.So say researchers from the Canadian Ontario (McMaster University).On this basis, it is necessary to conclude that every person who wants to lose weight and improve their health, just have to choose an acceptable diet diet.

Canadian experts conducted a study a little different: they decided to analyze some 50 different studies that have focused on various diets.The analysis revealed that the emphasis should be on diet, rather than a preference for a particular dietary ration.In other words, it is important that a person who wants to lose weight, be sure to stick to the diet, as in this case he has a chance to lose weight and get better.Another thing - to choose for themselves the best type of food.

Scientists studied diets such as the Atkins, Ornish, Rosemary Conley and many others.Also to participate in the experiment were invited people who observe different types of diets.According to the research, it became clear that al

most all the participants lost weight almost the same."The main thing - stick to a diet for a long time, and everything else, in particular, the choice of dietary ration is already a minor" - say Canadian researchers.