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Teens with obesity are often smokers

Teens with obesity are often smokers Teens who are overweight, and a predisposition to obesity, children are more likely to start smoking in their age.Such an interesting conclusion reached by US researchers from the University of California after being carefully studied all the medical data about teenagers living in the southwestern United States.

scientists have carefully analyzed all the figures for 1995, 1996 and 2001 regarding the physical, the mental health of children aged 12 to 19 years, as well as special attention was paid to those who drink alcohol, tobacco and substance use.In general, the researchers explain that teenagers become smokers, for various reasons.But if we take into consideration those children who are overweight or problems with obesity, these teenagers tend to start smoking just in order to "please the crowd," become "their" among peers, thus trying to improve their situationin society.

There is also a widespread belief that the cigarette reduces appetite, but it is worth remembering that the hazardous subst

ances carcinogens, which are contained in large amounts in all cigarettes can cause cancer and other serious diseases.