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Program your brain to healthy food

Program your brain to healthy food Experts from the American Research Institute after a certain experiment concluded that healthy food, which is usually in the society considered less tasty than, for example, fast food, is actually more attractive than unhealthy food, is only ...reprogram your brain!The results of the experiment can be found in the latest issue of the journal "Nutrition and diabetes."

In the experiment, the American researchers participated 8 people with excess weight.The experiment was a program for the reduction of excess kilograms, in particular, three of the eight people were taught how to change their attitude towards food.The rest, for the purpose of the experiment did not adhere to proper nutrition.

Six months later it became clear that the brains of people in the "healthy" group has changed the center of pleasure, people became less fond of harmful food, and healthy, on the contrary, have been paying more attention.Author experiment Susan Roberts is confident that change the taste habits can be every person

of any age, and there will be no desire to go to McDonald's or KFC - instead, people will eagerly consume useful, low-calorie foods.