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In the "Classmates" named best diet

In the "Classmates" named best diet diet in today's time is actually the most effective way to reduce overweight.With the help of useful and well-designed diet can cause your body in perfect shape.People have long used social networks to not only communicate, but also to help each other advice on how to get rid of the hated extra kilos.Recently, journalists' ABC Diet "found out what diet common among users of the popular social network" Classmates ".

first place in the ranking took diet, which has developed a notorious Elena Malysheva.Host of "Living healthy" is confident that fast in any case impossible.Often, many girls and women wear themselves starvation, leading to disastrous consequences.According to Malysheva, food must be fractional, and should drink plenty of fluids.

In second place in the "Classmates" - the diet, the essence of which is to separate the method of ingestion.A third place Diet Dr. Mirkin.

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