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Nutritionists: use the balance at least once a week

Nutritionists: use the balance at least once a week «If you want to get rid of excess weight and does not want him to come back to you again, often use the balance" - according to specialists, nutritionists from the University of Birmingham observed in the framework of a scientific experiment, the participants sitting on various diets.

A total of 1,000 volunteers took part.It turned out that the secret of successful weight loss is that you need at least 1 time per week stand on the scale, and it will have a positive effect in the fight against excess weight.The experiment showed that the participants who frequently check your weight with the help of weights, achieved the best results.

Regular checking of its weight helps to keep it under control.Thus, people are carefully monitoring any changes in weight can promptly take the necessary steps, if the mass of the body will grow bigger, say scientists from the UK.

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