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Named the popular Russian clinic for weight loss

Named the popular Russian clinic for weight loss In today's time everyone can face the problem of obesity and overweight.The reasons leading to this may be the most diverse: heredity, depression, abrupt discontinuation of the diet, poor nutrition, or constant stress.Usually, people with overweight, attempt to solve this problem, but there are special medical institutions, where experienced specialists will help bring the body and the body of the patient to normal.Recently the publication of "Market Leader" published a list of the best and most sought after clinics in August 2014.

first place in the ranking "He clinics."This international medical center has been operating for more than 18 years and is the best clinic helps in losing weight.Second place went to "Center Dr. Gavrilov."Along with "He clinics" it is recognized worldwide as one of the most effective clinics.Third place went to "Delta Clinic".Employees of all three institutions - highly qualified specialists with considerable experience and using the latest developments in the field of nu

trition and weight loss.

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