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Apples - the best product in September

Apples - the best product in September first month of autumn always brings a lot of stress the body, so it is important that on the table there were useful products that can lift your mood and vitality.Among these products is worth noting the apple, which contains a large number of vitamin C.

important plus apple is an excellent combination of different nutrients: minerals, fiber, sugars, vitamins.With apple cleanses the body, improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract is significantly suppressed and the development of putrefactive bacteria.Apples are able to normalize the liver and kidneys.Nutritionists recommend eating this fruit to normalize the metabolism and get rid of gout, rheumatism and obesity.

eat apples can be in any form: fresh, fried, pickled, baked, mashed.It goes well with cheese, cottage cheese, meat, sour cream or cream, honey and nuts.From apples can be cooked juice, jelly, fruit compote, juice, jam, jam or marmalade.

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