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How to gain weight man

how to gain weight faster than men Hardly, dear reader, you will want to get prominent belly or rounded shoulders, rather, it is a set of muscle mass.So it is something just dial in using diet alone will not turn.

you exercise?Not enough just to "do something" to be working on a special program of power to achieve the desired result.Today, however, the fitness market offers alternative options for those who want to pump up without simulators - look information about Slavic gymnastics, isotonic training system, straight street workout.

Well, we tell about a diet for a man who wants to gain muscle mass.

how to correct MAN, diet

first rule of diet for weight gain is usually the most difficult for a man - the refusal of semi-finished products.You need at least 2 g protein per grade 1 kg of body weight.Eating cutlets from the Department of rapid "freeze" you hardly will type something in addition to fat, because this food is poor in the building blocks of muscle - the protein is extremely rich in cholesterol, simple carbohydrates.

first 'whale' food for a set of muscle mass - a full-fledged high-quality protein.At least 2 servings of meat or fish, plus 2-3 servings of egg whites, cottage cheese 5-9% fat or protein powder should be present on your desk every day.


second important component - carbohydrate fuel.To gain weight, men need 4-8 grams of carbohydrates per 1 kg of body weight, or even more.Cook porridge on the water after a workout, add your cheese jam or jam, do not forget about the need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.Eat breads, cereals, pasta, wholemeal with each meal.

third element - fats.To gain the "right" weight, man is especially important to get enough omega three, omega-six for the proper production of testosterone.Eat nuts, seeds, quail eggs, fatty fish, but on pork and sausages is better to forget.The fat in the meat, not only creates a potential risk of problems with cholesterol, but also blocks the digestion of protein.

fourth element - split meals.If you eat 1-2 times a day, like most men, you can not gain muscle mass - huge portions of food are poorly digested and the muscles will starve.

how to correct thin one guy: MENU

How to gain weight man

Approximate weight gain diet for men is as follows:

  • First breakfast: Smoothie of banana, milk, a handful of dried fruit.Oatmeal with milk.
  • Lunch: 30 grams of nuts, grapes, banana or sweet apple
  • Dinner: 300-400 grams of cereal, pasta, boiled or baked potatoes, 200 grams of meat, salad
  • Snack: 200-300 grams of meat with salad and a slicebread
  • Before training: 100 g dried fruits and nuts, or fresh juice with a slice of bread
  • After training: After 10 minutes - 1 banana, 40 minutes - cottage cheese with jam
  • Dinner: Meat dish with a half portion of pasta or buckwheat

How to gain weight, men in the shortest time

How to gain weight man

If you are thinking on how to rapidly increase muscle mass, it is worth considering that the rate set mass in men as in women depends primarilyfrom genetics and the regime.The last should be followed - sleep 8-9 hours a day, weekly rest, alternating loads and separate training - your best friends.

If you have a lean physique pumped as fast as prone to weight gain each, unfortunately, did not happen.It is worth remembering that the phony "banks" - is not synonymous with strength and good health.

You should not thin one guy who wants to gain weight - so listen to it another handsome a couple of months, which offers "for a set of shots" or "sportfarmu" clock hanging in your trenazherke.These "figures", in spite of their control the administration of clubs is almost everywhere.

How to gain weight man

seems to mention the specialized sites "amateur chemists" and other publicly available information there is no need.Imagine your favorite car.Here you drive around the track at top speed, but - leave the motorway at the dirt road and continue to press on the gas.Understandably, driving is no good will not bring about the same thing does to your body, "Pharma" - the maximum use of resources and work wear.

Athleticism acquired in this way are usually short-lived, though, and easily leads to results, it becomes easy to gain weight, but weight quickly evaporate.This will happen as soon as the body will use up its resources.So do not try to buy the speed dial mass, in the end, modern women prefer strong men great, and your power will increase in a couple of months after the start of classes in the gym and the right diet.
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