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Diet for drying the body, the menu

Diet for drying the body Many believe that the drying of the body - this is a common diet for weight loss.But in reality they are different concepts that should not be confused.The term "drying" originally appeared in the media to refer to the bodybuilders get rid of subcutaneous fat, so more attention is focused on the relief of muscle.

It should be noted that the drying of the body for men is somewhat different from drying for women, not only because of physiological differences, but also the objectives pursued by this diet.In any case, it is quite a long and serious process, providing a catering, through which only the fat disappears, and the body gets ripped and fit.

Diet for drying the body for days

During drying, it is important to remember that the muscles break down faster than fat, so they need increased support in the form of power and kardionagruzok.Muscles - it is one of the main sources of energy, so if they become smaller, the weight begins to gain much faster, since adipose tissue consumes fewer calor

ies.Therefore, the main purpose of drying is to maintain muscle and fat destruction.

To make a rough menu, you must keep in mind that diet for drying the body must include a standard set of basic products:

  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Lean meat
  • Dairy products (low-fat)
  • Kashi (buckwheat,millet, oats, corn).
  • Legumes Fruits and Vegetables

Most diets designed to dry for 7 days.The main emphasis should be placed on the three main meals, among which should be to arrange a bite of the above permissible products.
for effective drying of muscles following a diet recommended by days.

1 day
for breakfast - oatmeal, a protein shake, sweet tea;
for lunch - chicken broth, chops, buckwheat salad;
for dinner - fried fish with fresh vegetables;

Day 2 Breakfast - lean fillet of salmon, buckwheat flakes, sweet tea, lemon;
for lunch - soup with cauliflower, chicken, vegetables;
Dinner - fat cottage cheese, dried fruit, protein shake;

3 day
for breakfast - two boiled eggs, muffins, tea;
Lunch - ear, boiled potatoes;
Dinner - unsweetened fruit, protein shake

4 day
for breakfast - a small portion of muesli, a protein shake;
for lunch - soup with mushrooms, chicken breast, lettuce;
for dinner - fish stew with cabbage salad;

5 day
for breakfast - two eggs (scrambled eggs), Borodino bread with honey, tea;
Lunch - buckwheat soup, chicken porridge, juice;
Dinner - apple, protein shake;

day for breakfast - semolina, raisins, protein shake;
for lunch - rice soup, peppers, stuffed cabbage, sweet tea, lemon;
for dinner - two soft-boiled eggs, a protein shake;

7 day
Breakfast - fish stew with vegetables;
Lunch - pickle, chicken breast, rice porridge, juice;
At dinner - a protein shake, apple.

must be remembered that high-intensity exercise to reduce body fat and preserve muscle mass, will be ineffective without a properly prepared and adapted to the purpose of this diet.

Diet for drying: menu for women and girls

drying body for women is carried out on the same principles as that for men.With proper loading and correct diet for 3 months woman can lose up to 30 kg of its weight.And if the drying of the body for the girls to perform with all the rules, then it disappears only fat, and muscle and body will become beautiful and relief.

It is very important for the female body to give up carbs gradually.First, you must exclude sweet, fast food and other fast carbs.You can use a small amount of bread and cereals.This period usually lasts for 1 week.At this time should be consumed 3 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight.

Menu for men at the time of drying Drying

body for men based on the fact that the more body fat mass, the greater the need to add to your diet proteins and fewer carbohydrates.That is, if a conventional training proteins fats - carbohydrates should be in a ratio of 2-2-6, then in drying opposite: 6-2-2.

can not completely abandon the reception of carbohydrates and fats, as it may be harmful to health.The amount of protein does not exceed 3-4 gram per kilogram body weight.

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