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Effective diet for press men

As is often the case - go to the gym, compete gravity, rock press and dice on his belly in sight.The situation is familiar to many.Remember one very important rule that will help you to select blocks: in the swing press thirty percent - a training and seventy percent - a proper diet, which can be called as a diet for the press men.

Proper nutrition for the press men

Diet for press men based on very simple postulates that the headline is 11 "NO".Therefore, we analyze them in detail.

  • not have to look for easy ways.Any training that are intended for pumping media should be carried out with the weights.But this body will require more calories.Accordingly, the more the male muscle mass, the more calories he needs, but they will not affect the body fat.
  • NOT have to eat whatever and whenever horrible.It is necessary to create a nutrition program.It calculates the number of calories that a man should consume during the day.And the more it burns calories, the more they have to consume.It is importan
    t to spread evenly over all calorie meals.
  • not have to deceive ourselves. man himself must control the amount of food intake.
  • not look down without the need for a refrigerator.Hang it on the door of the two photos.One - inflated man, the second - the fat man.Let this be a reminder of what you're aiming for.
  • NOT should eat before going to bed.During sleep, the energy consumed in minimal quantities.A food adopted energy would not, she immediately postponed as fat folds.Note that the last meal should be two hours before bedtime.
  • not take fatty foods.It is better to increase in your diet foods rich in carbohydrates, but with a low glycemic index.
  • not have to sit at the table if you're really hungry.The reaction of a hungry man - eat quickly, bad chewing food.Recommended to eat before something low-calorie.For example, an apple or a few Khlebtsov.In this regard, the choice needs to be done towards foods rich in fiber.Today, nutritionists men who shake the press, as an additional power supply for the press men, offering to take advantage of food additives, burn fat.This is a good tool, but do not abuse them, better to show strength of will.
  • not have to go to the store when you are hungry.Hungry campaign may cause the purchase of a variety of products that you will be unprofitable.If for some reason you still need to get to the store, then before going to suggest you make a list of the required products and strictly follow it when shopping.
  • NOT want to miss the next meal.Hunger reduces metabolic processes, that is, the body begins to signal that it is necessary to use less energy.In addition, another method can be a real frustrating, and your diet is to press the men to be under threat.
  • NOT consume sports nutrition, not posovetovshis a nutritionist or trainer.This is a special kind of food that you can not come.
  • not punish yourself for the fact that there was a failure.Just start from the point where you make a mistake.And never compensate for a greater calorie intake increasing pressure, and certainly not fast.

These are the rules of every man should have in mind when he puts in front of goal - to pump up the press and achieve the appearance of cubes.All of these "not" should be delimited, which will form the basis for pumping media diet.

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