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Bananas to set weight

Bananas to set weight For those who want to have a nice beefy figure from which will go crazy girls, it is important, in addition to exercise, eat right.Not least in the diet of those who want to have beautiful biceps, should take such exotic fruits like bananas.

How to gain weight with bananas men

Bananas are in the top 15 products for the recruitment of muscle mass, and this process is a very important step in bodybuilding.After all, it is necessary to burn fat and to show - the muscles.At the beginning of classes in the gym you accelerate metabolism.To just do not lose weight, you need to have a few more calories, whereas weight gain and even necessary sverhkallorii.Yes, to be great, you have to eat a lot.Another thing that does not make you big beer belly and an attractive muscular relief that will win the hearts of women.
Bananas to set weight
You do not just eat, but also to do it right.In telostroitelstve carbohydrates downright indispensable.All need a lot of protein, often forgetting that diet should contain proteins and fats, an

d carbohydrates.In the latter than in the diet must be present at least 60%.

is especially true for skinny guys with the constitution of the body.To close the carbohydrate window, be sure to use the so-called fast carbohydrates such as before a workout, and immediately after it.That is why from the banana can be to gain weight, because these fruits is the ideal carriers of fast carbohydrates.By the way, for the same reason, full-bodied, both boys and girls, it is advisable to reduce their consumption.This will help prevent further problems with the figure.

Bananas are the very worthy alternative to a variety of powders for weight gain, weight gainer - including.
Bananas to set weight

how best to use bananas for the recruitment of muscle mass

bodybuilding bananas are downright essential.In an average banana contains about 2 units of grain, which is equal to 24 grams of carbohydrates.Moreover, these are the carbohydrates that we need - namely fast.

eat a few bananas will have no difficulty.In addition, the low price makes this fruit is a perfect complement for those who do not have enough calories.The use of the fruit as a snack between meals, allowing all day to replenish energy losses.With them your body will always miss the calories necessary for building muscle!
Bananas to set weight

In what form bananas quickly absorbed

Because bananas contain fast carbs, they are good at a time when it is necessary to urgently replenish glycogen, for example, after a hard workout.
Note that dried bananas 5 times high-calorie fresh.
In addition, bananas - this is not only a convenient snack, they can be used as a main meal.For example, it can be pumped to the nuts and bananas, adding them to a pulp.Furthermore, it is advisable to prepare a variety of cocktails.For example, yogurt with banana is very appropriate to gain weight.To prepare this cocktail, whisk in a blender:

  • cheese;
  • banana;
  • protein;
  • milk.

Thus, you will excellent nutrient mixture.
However, to use these fruits should not always.They are not encouraged to eat at night.For dinner, more appropriate so-called "slow" protein, cottage cheese, for example.
Thus, the banana diet for men who want to gain muscle mass, it is quite feasible.The main thing - do not forget about what food should be complete, with no apparent predominance of any product.Then you will have excellent health, which will create the perfect body!

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