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Gainer for the set weight

Gainer for the set weight Gainers used to build body mass.It is composed of a protein-carbohydrate mixture, wherein the amount of carbohydrate predominates over the amount of proteins.They include carbohydrates varied complexity and structures that have different glycemic index. A protein that is contained in the gainer, saturates the body with all the essential amino acids.

Gainer for the set weight

Gain weight gainer with the help of not so difficult.It is only necessary to choose high-quality food, which would have contributed to the set weight.
Let's look at the most popular protein-carbohydrate complexes for bodybuilders.
Gainer for the set weight

Top Gainers weight gain

Here are the top gainers for a set of masses that bodybuilders use.

  1. legend in the world of sports nutrition are Gainers Mega Mass 4000 Mega Mass 2000 by Weider.This helps to gain weight gainer, because it contains 1,640 calories and 80 grams of protein per daily serving, total weight is 442 grams.
  2. qualitatively different and quite effective sports nutrition composition
    of Mass-Tech by MuscleTech.It contains 830 calories and 45 grams protein per daily portion of 218 grams in weight.
  3. qualitative and inexpensive enough protein-carbohydrate complex is Easy Gain Mass of FitMax.Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the structure was reinforced with glutamine, creatine and taurine.On a daily 70 gram portion accounts for 10 grams of protein and 273 calories.
  4. Gainer is quite popular GAIN FAST 3100 by Universal Nutrition.Portion 229 g 842 kcal and contains 35 g of protein.
  5. Another no less effective protein-carbohydrate mixture is Mass Active from FitMax.Portion 50 grams contains 10 grams of protein and 191 calories.

But do not forget that a name, the product is not always the right choice.As the market of sports nutrition is constantly changing and expanding, and new products that allow you to gain weight, even better and faster than generally recognized protein-carbohydrate mixture.
Gainer for the set weight

What if gainer does not help to gain weight

Many are wondering how to gain weight with guaranteed Gainer?It often happens that a man begins to take a protein-carbohydrate complex, but it is not gaining weight.Or another problem - weight gain takes place, but not at the expense of muscle and fat.Hence, there is an opinion that sports nutrition is not working.Take
protein-carbohydrate complex must be very responsible, while expecting their caloric needs.
If a person has a fast metabolism, then the caloric needs can be quite large.That is normally a person can not gain weight, even taking sports nutrition.Then it is necessary to use not only a gamer, but high-calorie food.Many instead just start drinking protein-carbohydrate complex in large quantities, which later could adversely affect their health.Correctly calculate their physiological needs - energy intake, you can eat to gain weight gainer, taking into account the individual speed of your metabolism.Based on this, you will be able to correctly build your diet.
Gainer for the set weight

Set weight: protein or gainer

for gaining lean muscle necessary protein.And to recover energy in the muscles need carbohydrates.That is, after training the muscles you need to restore your glycogen stores, or they will not grow, even at high protein intake.Therefore, to uniformly increase the muscle mass should be consumed as proteins and carbohydrates.If you use only the protein it is likely that the muscles will miss carbohydrates.And, accordingly, vice versa.
So the best weight gainer for a set - a protein-carbohydrate complex, which contains protein and carbohydrates as a percentage of 35:55.

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