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That is, when an intestinal infection

Most people do not know that there is in the intestinal infection, to help the body cope with pathogens.Some people think that food in the intestinal infection is not as important as drugs.However, it is properly chosen diet for intestinal infection is not only able to support a weakened body, but also to become a real drug that not only treats, but also nourishes the human body.

Proper diet when enterovirus infection in children can help to quickly deal with the disease

What to eat in the intestinal infection

all know what rotavirus infection and how it acts on the body of an adult or child.But not everyone knows that there is in the intestinal infection that quickly recover.Proper treatment of rotavirus and enterovirus infection can not do without the proper selection of therapeutic diets.Nutrition for rotavirus enteritis in children and adults, and requires the selection of products that could help avoid dehydration and to support the person during the period of the disease.The first sympto

ms of rotavirus infection in children and adults should get excluded from the diet:

  • Milk and milk products.
  • fresh soft bread and bakery products.
  • Bold soup and fatty foods.
  • baking.
  • greasy sausages, fatty meat and fish.
  • cheeses, pasta, millet, barley and barley porridge.

Symptoms of rotavirus enteritis and manifested in the form of sharp stomach cramps and diarrhea.Loose stools causes a sharp dehydration as pathogenic microbes.Treatment of enterovirus infection in adults and children is not using medication, and with the proper organization of power.Medical diet for rotavirus infection in children and adults will help to eliminate intestinal inflammation and diarrhea.Treatment of rotavirus infection in adults and children is usually based on the selection of proper nutrition.

Feeding a child of rotavirus and enterovirus infection

What can I eat when intestinal infection?This question is often asked by parents of affected children.Intestinal infections occur in children no less frequently than respiratory diseases.The disease of dirty hands also called rotavirus.Diet will quickly put the baby on the legs.

Diet for an intestinal infection in a child should exclude foods that trigger diarrhea.At the first sign of malaise nutrition in intestinal infections in children should stabilize the bowels.Therefore, in the child's diet to include jelly or strong tea.Enterovirus infection, which is similar to a diet with a diet of any intestinal infection include:

  • Heavy drinking.
  • Frequent and split meals.
  • Strong unsweetened tea.
  • chicken broth.
  • rice porridge without butter.
  • Rusk.

Parents should be good to know what foods you can eat if you have diarrhea, as well as to remember that a child's diet during rotavirus infection should be excluded raw fruits and vegetables, as well as any new products that have not yet tried the baby.Proper nutrition during the child's intestinal infection will help stop vomiting and diarrhea and to normalize the child's condition.

What should be the power after rotavirus

If you know what to feed the child at an intestinal infection, even after rotavirus diet will not cause difficulties.Diet after an intestinal infection in adults and children about the same.It should be gentle and fractional.It is necessary to include more lean meat and fish, soups, cooked with chicken and vegetable broth, vegetable purees, jelly, decoctions of herbs and dried berries.

Proper diet when enterovirus infection in children will allow the child to quickly restore their strength and normalize bowel function.After the baby's stool becomes normal, you need a good idea of ​​what to feed the child after an intestinal infection.

After rotavirus enteritis or the child can be transferred to a dietary table №3, which includes:

  • rice, buckwheat and semolina porridge;
  • cheese and milk products;
  • honey, fruits and berries;
  • low-fat soups;
  • vegetable puree.

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