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Christmas overeating

Christmas holiday overeating hard to imagine New Year holidays without a generous table.And not just one.We are going with the family, the friends and enjoy eating harmful and fatty foods.

have a holiday there is another side

have occurred that overeating New Year tradition is associated not eat, but only to the holiday excitement?Festive meeting with friends require training and financial costs.And it does not pass in vain for the nervous system.

first overeating may be due to the need to "seize" the problem, but later became an independent disease, which leads to diabetes and obesity.

This does not mean that you do not need to have a second piece of cake after the first.But if you're dreaming of cake days and nights, and it is for you is more important than the people around - it is a sign to see a doctor.

Answer the following questions:

  • Whether you eat, when you do not feel hunger?
  • There you have the desire to eat for no apparent reason?
  • Do you feel to yourself while eating a sense of guilt?
  • anticipates you attac
    k the moment when left alone and happy to eat?
  • adds you weight?
  • Have you heard from others that it's time you go on a diet?
  • Have you answer "good advisers" that the diet is not necessary, but if there is, then you can take it at any time?
  • Whether you eat after a nervous?
  • Upsets whether you or others that you constantly eat?

If you answered most of the questions in the affirmative, it means that overeating requires medical intervention.Be sure to visit the therapist.You must find out the causes of overeating and develop a strategy to get rid of food addiction.So you will be able to improve their health and begin to really enjoy life.

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